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Idle Heroes Tier List (September 2023)

by AppGamerSep 28th 2021

Idle Heroes is a super popular idle battle game with loads of great heroes that can be unlocked. We take a look at the best ones in the game and put together this Idle Heroes tier list to help you figure out which ones are the best to invest your time and resources into and why.


Idle Heroes Tier List (September 2023)
Idle Heroes Tier List (September 2023)

This is our main Idle Heroes Tier list for 2021, which takes a look at the overall usefulness of a hero in the game.

S+ Tier

The S+ Tier is our highest tier ranking and reserved for the best heroes in the game, some of these however are can be incredibly difficult to unlock in the game, so you may have to settle for some lower tier heroes.

Eloise - Super valuable player, easiest to get Sealand 20 done, will be useful all through the complete game, if you get this hero, you'll definitely want to take this to E5 as soon as you can. Brilliant in PvP teams.

Swordflash Xia - Should be your first Transcendence hero, high PvE damage, great all rounder and will help yo in many game modes, unlock this hero and upgrade!

Scarlet Queen Halora - Another Transcendence hero and arguably the strongest hero in the game. Brilliant all round performance and in useful in all game modes with her strong DPS, team buffing, and support attributes.

S Tier

These S Tier heroes are generally good all-rounders. These are also generally a bit more accessible to unlock for the average player as opposed to the S+ tier heroes

Ithaqua - Great at everything except PvP, strong on her own, but excels with good support. Best PvE damage in the game. Good E5

Drake - Assassin which is great in the endgame metas. Essential in PvE team and great selection to build as your first dark hero. Amazing synergies with Swordflash

Rogan - Another support character, but he needs to be built up later in the game as he won't be able to excel in a lot of early game modes. Better as a support character for a strong team after the early stages.

Asmodel the Dauntless - Strong with massive crit damage. Big players in PvP but not much else, big damage dealer who will only excel with the right support heroes in the same team.

Star Wing - Jahra - Strong transcendence hero if you've got the money or time develop her! Shields, healing silence attributes make her a valuable team player with massive PvE damage.

A Tier

These A Tier heroes are our selection of the best heroes that will help you in the game as good all rounders and support characters. In this selection you find good options for PvP, support, tanks and more.

Aida - Great tank to take into the endgame.

Penny - Strong in the early rounds and will get you through seal land 20, good PvE damage too. But not so valuable in the end game stages.

Amen-Ra - Great support character in a varied team, can get seal land 20 done with good shield and heal abilities, not essential to start with, but valuable support to help your stronger team members.

Carrie - Another great support character, can't really do too much on her own, but her revives and synergies and valuable to a strong team.

Delacium - Will get some of the game modes done for you such as seal land 20, but does not really ecel in PvP a strong character as part of a team, and one you'll want to pick up and upgrade.

Russell - Amazing early stages character great for the light faction seal land 20, overall solid, but not so valuable in the end game stages

Ignis - Brilliant support hero, an feed energy to hero in front of her and gives 100% control immunity which is useful in a lot of game modes. Great healing

Tix - Valuable early game hero that you'll want to develop in the early stages of the game if you get to unlock him. Strong all round but no longer an S Tier hero due to changes in game mechanics. Take this one to E5 if you can.

Waldeck - Good character to get Sealand 20, but not an exceptional character overall

Andrea - Strong support character that is especially strong in PvP with his healing attributes. Won't get through Sealand, but cab support it well. Does well into the end stages of the game so worth investing some upgrades on this hero.

Heart Watcher - This Forest Hero assassin is a good support character that can also hold her own in PvP matches

That concludes our Idle Heroes Tier List selection. There are loads more heroes out there to unlock, but if you happen to get one of the ones listed above, we think you've just found an incredibly useful team member!


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