What are boosters?

What are boosters?
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What are boosters?

What are pre-game boosters?

Before starting a game, you can choose a booster that will help you clear your game. Boosters are available only when you reach the level requirements. Also, there are boosters that are available once you're playing the puzzle part already.

Level 15
Bombs and Rockets.
Level 17
Rainbow Ball
Level 21
Double Planes

What in-game boosters are available?

If you're playing in-game already, there are 3 additional boosters that you can use. However, you'll have to buy them while playing so take note of how much coins you have. Here are the available ones:

Clears the piece from one tile (if used on obstacles, it weakens them).
Lets you remove one row and one column of elements all at once, or can be used to do considerable damage to obstacles.
Allows you to swap two adjacent pieces without using a move.

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