Are there any obstacles when clearing a level?

Are there any obstacles when clearing a level?
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Aside from clearing the puzzles by matching 3 pieces and through power ups, there can be parts in a level which will provide you with a challenge.

These are called Match-3 elements, and they all differ per level of play that you do. The higher levels you have, the more match elements you begin to unlock. For example, the starting match element you'll get is a Carpet. In order to complete the level, not only do you need to get the correct amount of pieces, you need to spread the carpet on the level to fill up the specified amount as well.

Carpet Match-3 Element
Carpet Match-3 Element

You can think of match elements as obstacles. They provide a different layer of challenge when completing a level, so you'll have to take the different kinds of elements into consideration when doing each round.
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