Power Up Combinations

Power Up Combinations
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Power Up Combinations

Power Up Combinations

Is it possible for you to swipe power ups that are beside each other? The answer is yes, and the combination that you swipe together will provide different effects. Here are the combination of power ups that you can do:

1. Bomb and Bomb: This will increase the explosion area of the bomb more.

2. Bomb and Rocket: Removes 3 Rows and Columns of pieces.

3. Rocket and Rocket: Removes one row and one column, even if they're pointed any any direction.

4. Bomb or Rocket and Paper Plane: The Paper plane will carry the Bomb or Rocket to a random location.

5. Plane and Plane: Combine to three Paper Planes that will land on different areas.

6. Rainbow Ball and Rocket or Bomb or Plane: The Rainbow Ball will turn the most common pieces on the field into a power up.

7. Rainbow Ball and Rainbow Ball: Removes all pieces in the field, and removes an obstacle layer.

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