How do you handle renovations?

How do you handle renovations?
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So how do you do renovations in Homescapes since it's a puzzle game? Each day, you'll be provided with different tasks that's on your to-do list, completing these tasks requires stars that you get by completing puzzles.

What are tasks?

Once you have enough stars that's required on your to-do list, you'll be able to perform the renovation. Throughout the story, you'll be able to check which tasks you need through the pop ups, or on your tablet.

Tasks appear each day

Tasks appear each day

Can I customize the look of the renovation?

When you complete tasks, you'll get to choose a variety of designs for the corresponding item on your list. For example, you're supposed to replace the carpet at the beginning of the game, here you'll see your choices on the bottom of the screen. Click the check mark after once you have confirmed your choice.

Customizing your Renovation

Customizing your Renovation

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