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There is a lot to do in Hidden Object: Coastal Hill and a lot to learn when you are starting out in the game. The following help and tips will help you as you get used to the game play.

Follow the Story

The story is the center of the game and a lot of your progress will depend on unlocking scenes and collecting items that the story will provide. You have the option to repay the unlocked scenes for more rewards but we recommend that you don't get sidetracked form the story for too long as this may make later progress slower and harder.

Daily Tasks and Rewards

Each day that you play the game will let you gain a log in reward, you can also watch ads to claim any that you miss. The daily tasks will also have a list of activities that you can complete to get more rewards, these can be very useful and If you complete enough you can unlock a special reward. The tasks refresh each day and you can also refresh them yourself with crystals.


Playing the levels in the game will cost you energy and this will be limited, there are many ways to get more energy such as from some of the daily tasks above and you can also use energy giving items that you may win or can buy with crystals. Check the Energy Guide for more ways to get free energy.

Clothing and Appearance

You have the option to buy clothes and accessories for your character, these have the obvious style options to let you appear as you want in the game, but each item will also give you useful bonuses for playing. Some will reduce energy cost, or increase the XP or coins you earn. These items cost coins or Crystals to buy, some of them are expensive, but if you can invest in them it will help you progress faster.

Hidden object Tips

Make use of the zoom to help you spot objects more easily. Many are small and partially obscured and can be very hard to see without zooming. You should also remember to scroll around even if you do not zoom as parts of the scene may not be shown initially on the screen. Move the view around to make sure you can check every corner of the scene.

Get used to the game modes. There are several modes that you can play in each room, such as Text mode, Pictures, Comparison. Each of which will give you different clues to help you find the objects or a variety of difficulties. The more you are able to practice them the better you will get.

Learn the objects appearances. When you start playing some items may not be familiar, you will need to find objects based on a word or an outline and you will need to learn what the image they represent is so you can find it more quickly in future. Item appearances can also vary, some bay be a physical object while others can be a drawing or pattern in the scene. You will also have search tools such as the light bulb that you can earn or buy to help you complete the scene, but remember to watch the items and learn their appearance.

As well as this you also need to practice the rooms. Although items can appear in many locations over time you will start to remember likely locations to look for what you want to find which will greatly speed up your performance.

Speed is the key to a good score. But you don't need to rush at the start. You can maximize your score by tapping many items in a row to build up the multiplier at the top of the screen. If you can scan the room at the start and find as many items on the list that you can before you start tapping you can quickly build up the multiplier in one go and boost your score.

We hope that these tips and hints will help you enjoy playing Crystal Hill. If you have any questions about the game please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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