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There are many different game modes and mini games to enjoy in Coastal Hill. A lot of them will need to be unlocked as you level up and explore the town. Exploring the rooms and scenes in the town will be done via one of the exploration Modes below. You will also unlock the House of Games where you will have a range of mini games that you will also play to find items and earn rewards to use.

Exploration Modes

Initially you will play Text (words) mode and then over time other modes will be used randomly in the scenes. Some will be harder than others. You are not able to change the modes at the moment.

Text mode

Standard hidden object moe where you have a list of names of the objects that you need to locate.

Picture mode

Standard hidden object mode but instead of names you have a list of outlines / silhouettes of the objects. Some are simple but others can be hard to recognize until you learn the shapes well.

Spot the Difference mode

You will see 2 images of the location to view and you need to find the differences between them, this will be missing items / decorations. Careful examination is needed.

Night mode

A hard mode. In this mode the scene is dark, you have a spotlight to reveal areas of the scene and search for the list of objects given.

Clouds mode

Another hard mode, Find the list of items as above but your view is obstructed by a dark cloud.

Mirror Mode

When Mirror is active the scene will be reversed left to right from the normal view. This is to make it less familiar and harder to find the items.

Reverse mode

Same as the Text mode but the list of names will have the letters jumbled so you need to work out what the item is called before looking for it.

Tumbling letters mode

The same as above except that the letters of the list of objects will be tumbling and hard to read.

House of Games

Follow the train on the map to find the House of games where you have 7 types of min game to play. These will need to be unlocked by leveling up. The games are:


A Mahjong style games with playing cards and special character cards to find and match the pairs and clear the baord .


A game mode with a jumbles picture that you need to reassemble before the time runs out.

Room with Flasks

This is a color fill game where you need to arrange the colored items into flasks of the same color.


Connect the wires of the same color without letting them intersect.


A matching pairs game. Quickly find all the matching pairs in the jumbled box.



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