Hidden Object: Coastal Hill

Hidden Object: Coastal Hill

Hidden Object: Coastal Hill

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Coastal Hill is a hidden object game where you are given an image as a scene and you have to find the objects, as you play through each scene more of the story line is revealed. Finding objects in these kinds of games can be a little tricky which is why we've put together this page of Coastal Hill tips to help you get started in the game.

Coastal Hill Tips

1. I don't know what the item is!
If you don't know what the description of an item is, search for it on Google! Or another search engine. If you don't understand what it is exactly that you need to find and what it should look like, it makes the job a lot harder. So head over to Google and search for the item and you'll get an idea more or less of what it is and what it should look like.

Remember however this game is set in the past, and things like telephones look a lot different then!

2.Use a Big Screen
If you can, this game is best played on a larger screen such as a tablet or a PC (using an emulator), it just makes things easier to see! While you can of course pinch the screen to zoom in and scour through the scene, things are much easier to see on a device other than a phone.

3. Use up your Energy
You only have a certain amount of energy, which you need to use in order to play the game, once this runs down, you either have to purchase more or wait for it to replenish. The best thing to do is to play until your in-game energy has all been used up, then wait until it has fully replenished to play again.

4. Look in the same places
You can often find the same item in the same place, but not always, they do move around in different scenes, but a good place to start would be where you had found that item in a previous scene.

This way you don't play the game for too much time in one go too!

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I loved this game until the last update. Now I can't load the game. I keep getting Loading error. So I will move on to a different game. Good luck on getting this issue fixed
3.7 / 5.0

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