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Heroes of War Cheats and Tips

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Heroes of War is a strategy simulation that is set in the era of World War 2. Featuring a large assortment of troops from WW2, this is a well made strategic sim and our Heroes of War cheats and tips below will help get you off to a good start in the game.

Heroes of War Cheats and Tips

This game didn't seem to come with much of a tutorial, maybe they are working on that, so you may like to know what to do first of all to get started.

I think the best option is to head straight to the Heroes tab in the bottom left of the game screen, here you will see which troops you have unlocked. Select a tank, and spend some of your starting resources on upgrading it. If you can, take it to level 10.

You just need to focus on one troop at the moment, and you'll unlock more and soon and start winning resources for more upgrades really quickly.

With your tank now leveled up, tap the campaigns icon and start ploughing your way through the initial stages, you'll unlock tons of resources and more units for more upgrades.

Each time you complete a campaign mission you'll get battle points which are essential to upgrade your units.

Complete Campaigns for Resources and for Upgrades
Completing campaign missions will give you lots of resources which you can use to upgrade your troops, but also you will need to reach certain campaign milestones in order to make certain building upgrades.
Playing Through the Campaigns
Playing Through the Campaigns

Which Units to Upgrade?
You really want to focus your upgrades on epic and rare troops only, and not commons. Of course if you have legendary troops, then they would be #1 priority to upgrade but these can be hard to get.

There is a great feature in the game where you can return the resources that you spent on an upgrade in order to redeploy those resources somewhere on another troop. So if you get better cards later on in the game, just get back al the resources spent on your not so good cards, and redeploy those resources onto your new good card.

What are the best units?
In order to fight your way through the campaign you'll need a range of different unit types, so land troops, mortars. As long as you are upgrading the epics and using a variety of troop types you'll be ok during the initial stages of the campaign and that will give you time to get accustomed to the game and used to the large range of troop types that are available.

How to get more heroes?
Head to the recruitment icon, they you can use secret file cards or gold to recruit more heroes. You should set to automatically dismiss common cards.
Recruiting Heroes
Recruiting Heroes

When you get new cards, it is a good idea to check if these are better than the ones you have upgraded already and if so, takes the resources back from the inferior card and redeploy them to the better card.

What is Faction Recruitment?
Basically this is an option in the recruitment section where you can elect to choose a specific faction from which to recruit heroes.

What should I use my gold for?
Gold is the premium currency in the game, it is good to use gold for speed ups early in the game, and also for recruitment.

How to get more Free Gold?
Check the quests tab, as you play through the game, and participate in different areas of the game, such as campaign missions, upgrading troops, recruiting heroes, guerilla raids etc... Different quests will be achieved and often you will get gold as a reward.

Other Game Modes

Once you have completed some of the campaign missions and you have upgraded your troops, head over to the Modes icon, there you will see more options to gain resources, so maybe get to complete 2-20 from the campaign missions then think about entering the following game modes.

Railway Junction
Much like campaigns, you go through a series of enemies, the starting point is a little higher than campaigns, which is why it's better to hit the Railway Junction after you've played through some of the campaign.

Guerilla Raids
Here you can assign specific heroes to take part in time based missions in exchange for rewards. It's a easy way to get more free resources, if you have the right heroes unlocked.

Port Complex - Navy Operation
Take part in battles to get battle points and navy medals which you can spend in the special shop. The operation restarts every 48 hours so you have plenty of new opportunities to get navy medals. The idea is that you use the same battle team through the whole operation and see how far you can get. You can restore health along the way and recruit reinforcements.

There is a lot more to the game, that the above, which is really just meant as a handy guide with some getting started tips.
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