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Research Upgrades

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Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is an idle-RPG with vertical shooter and P2E mechanics through their own tokens and economy. Aside from the improvements you can apply to your individual characters/generals, the game also allows you to gain permanent, passive buffs with the help of Research. In our Research Upgrades Guide, we will discuss how this system works and how you can take advantage of it.


The game has passive upgrades that you can unlock and Research. You can access the Research screen in the Legislature building from the Castle screen. The Research screen has three categories:
* Normal Research: These upgrades are applied in normal mode such as Commentary (adventure) battles.
* Battle Research: These upgrades are used in other battle modes like Duels, to turn the tide of battle.
* Research Formation: These upgrades are used to further improve the buff effects of various formations used in battle modes such as Storm the Gate.

In the Research screen, you should also see three types of research phases, depending on the color of the upgrade icons.
Cannot Research
Upgrades with the yellow lock icon have pre-requisites before you can research them. Simply tap the upgrade icon and look at the “Condition” field in the lower-right corner.
Not Yet Researched
The upgrade displayed with a gray color but without a lock means that it can be researched.
Research Complete
An upgrade with the full, colored icon means that the research is already complete and its effects are already active.

Research Process

Materials called Research Documents are required to proceed with the research. These materials can be obtained by sending unneeded generals to “Research Support” (more on that in the next section) Once an upgrade is available for research, tap on the upgrade and if you have enough Research Documents, simply tap Start Research to consume the resources and start the timer.
Research Upgrades

Only one upgrade can be researched at a time so you have to wait for the active research to complete before you can start another one. This limit applies to all research tabs. Thankfully, you can accelerate a research progress and complete it instantly using cintamani. The amount of cintamani needed to accelerate the research will depend on the selected upgrade’s level and duration remaining.

The research will be completed once the timer is over. The amount of Research Documents and time needed to complete the research will increase as you attempt to research better upgrades. For starters, I suggest learning all LV1 upgrades then learning the LV2 upgrades as you see fit.

Research Support

The “Support” process in the Research involves sacrificing generals and fragments to obtain Research Documents, which are needed to start researching upgrades. When you send Generals for Support, they’ll be consumed and you’ll get 1-star to 3-star Research Documents in return.
Research Upgrades

The grade and amount you’ll receive will depend on the selected generals’ grades. Here are some examples:
General Grade
Research Document
1-star x1
1-star x2
1-star x6
1-star x24
2-star x2
3-star x3

4-star Research Documents can only be obtained by using General Fragments. Since you can only obtain fragments for 7-star generals, you have to very carefully consider which fragments you’ll want to use for Research Support.

That concludes our Guide for Improving Generals in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms content!

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