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How to Improve Generals

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How to Improve Generals

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Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is an idle-RPG with vertical shooter and P2E mechanics through their own tokens and economy. Generals are your units in the game that you need to power up and improve to tackle the various contents the game has to offer. In our How to Improve Generals Guide, we will cover the various terminologies used in the game regarding the character units or generals.

Your generals are the core combatants of the game and managing them is a job that you need to take seriously in order to keep them updated and ready for the various content that you need to clear. There are several considerations and factors that you have to improve to increase a general’s individual combat power. You can manage your generals from the tab of the same name, accessible in the main menu.

Leveling Up

This the most basic and straightforward path to increase your general’s combat power. You’ll need to use EXP Books that you can farm from clearing missions and tasks. There’s a dedicated dungeon (“Incident” in the game’s term) where you can farm EXP books up to three times daily.

There are nine stages in the dungeon, where you can farm the high-tier EXP books. If you have completed a Training Drill stage with a 3-star rating, you can use Wipeout tickets to instantly clear the stage and receive the reward immediately - without fighting manually.
How to Improve Generals

If ever you changed your mind and decided to build a different general instead, you can use the “Return” function to reset the general’s level back to LV1 and get a full refund of the EXP Books you’ve used by paying a small amount of Cintamani.
How to Improve Generals


This process is only applied to 7-star generals to further increase their maximum level, and unlock new skills. You can use the general’s own fragments (obtained only if you get a duplicate copy of the general during the recruitment attempts) or use the generic Common Fragments instead.
How to Improve Generals

Skill Upgrade

This process allows you to spend Skill Upgrade stones to level up one of the general’s skills with a random probability. The number of upgrade stones required for upgrading will depend on the general’s upgrade stage. You can farm Skill Upgrade stones from the scheduled Incidents under Adventure Mode. These stages can be unlocked once you reach Warlord LV14.
How to Improve Generals


Generals can carry up to three equipment pieces. These equipment can be crafted via the Blacksmith option, in the Legislature building. Use the Auto-Equip function to automatically select and equip the best pieces of gear to the general. Furthermore, these gears can be leveled up individually using their corresponding Upgrade Stones and gold. Like the other improvement materials in this page, you can farm them through the scheduled daily incident stages. Equipment also has skills that you can unlock by upgrading the piece every 5 levels.
How to Improve Generals

When leveling up the equipment, your Success Rate will gradually decrease. However, don’t worry! Because for every failed upgrade attempt, your success rate gauge increases until you get the guaranteed level up chance.
How to Improve Generals

That concludes our Guide for Improving Generals in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms content!

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