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Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is an idle-RPG with vertical shooter and P2E mechanics through their own tokens and economy. Generals are your units in the game that you need to power up and improve to tackle the various contents the game has to offer. In our Character Information Guide, we will cover the various terminologies used in the game regarding the character units or generals.

The characters in the game are called Generals. They have varying grades or ranks, as well as their own skill sets and equipment. Generals can be leveled up, promoted, and their skills upgraded. You can manage all generals that you have recruited so far in the General tab of the main screen. Aside from the list of generals under your command, you can also review the amount of general fragments, and an Encyclopedia or complete list of all generals in the game, including the ones you don’t own yet.
Character Information Guide


Here are the five important stats used in the game. The value of these stats will be affected by several factors like the general’s equipment, grade (stars), and level to name a few.
Increases the damage dealt by the character against enemies
Decreases the damage received by the character from enemies.
Determines the character’s survivability. The higher the value, the more damage the unit can sustain, allowing him/her to stay in battle longer.
This stat determines the chance for your character to score a critical hit. The higher the value of this stat, the more frequently the character lands a critical hit.
Determines attack speed; the higher the value, the more often your character attacks enemies in all battle modes.

Attack Types

Generals are divided further into three attack types or categories namely Rapid Fire, Penetration, and Explosive. These attack type icons can be seen under the general’s name when you’re viewing their details from the General Tab.
Attack Type
Rapid Fire
As their name suggests, rapid fire generals boast high attack speeds but will be notably ineffective against enemy forces in the rear lines.
These generals have powerful, penetrating attacks that can easily wipe out entire lines of enemies. They’re practically useful against everything except specific enemies that block Penetration attacks.
These generals can deal powerful AoE attacks at the cost of their slow attack speed. However, when facing Giant-type enemies, the AoE effect of their attacks won’t be triggered.


Generals in the game belong to one of the four factions: Wei, Shu, Wu, and WH (Warlords & Heroes). There are faction bonuses to be considered as well. Generals permanently belong to their default factions and there’s no way of changing allegiances in the game. When viewing your list of generals, you can also conveniently sort them through their factions.


Generals are not made equal; some are good enough to be used as fodder while others are sought for their outstanding potential in the battlefield. That’s why the game has the grade system which uses the number of stars to classify a general’s rarity and supposed power. The more stars, the more powerful the general will be. The highest grade is 7-stars and It is also worth noting that 7-star units have their own unique skill.

High-star generals are primarily obtained through premium summon or by purchasing them directly. However, you can use a tedious but cost-efficient process of combining low-star generals to get a random, higher-star one. Please refer to our dedicated page regarding the General Combination process.


These are pieces of a general’s icon. When you have enough fragments of a general, you can combine them and summon the general itself. If you obtained a duplicate copy of a general you already own, the duplicate copy will be automatically turned into fragments. You can use fragments as promotion materials to increase a general’s max level. You can use the hero’s own fragments or Common Fragments instead. The latter can be used as promotion materials on ANY general.


All generals have access to [Normal Skills] and [Battle Skills].

There are two types of [Normal Skills], as listed below.
* Basic Skill: There are two types of basic skills: [Individual] skills that affect only the general using it and [Team] skill that affects the entire party that was deployed alongside the general.
* Special Skill: This is the special attack that a general can unleash during battle once the SP gauge is filled up. The attack covers the entire screen and makes the general invulnerable while casting it, making this a very effective emergency wipe out button.

Additionally, there are two types of [Normal Skills], as listed below.
* Leader Skill: This skill is activated when the general is set as the Leader of the party. The effect is applied to the entire team and the leader’s Basic Skill is not applied.
* Ultimate Skill: Only 7-star units have access to this skill. They can learn this skill after maxing out the levels of all other skills.

Team Bonus

This bonus is applied when you deploy a specific combination of generals, regardless of their grade. Team bonuses consider the generals’ attack types and factions so if the deployed generals meet the requirements of multiple team bonus effects, these bonuses are stacked.

That concludes our Character Information Guide in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms content!

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