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How to Combine Generals

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How to Combine Generals

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Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is an idle-RPG with vertical shooter and P2E mechanics through their own tokens and economy. Generals are your units in the game that you need to power up and improve to tackle the various contents the game has to offer. In our General Combination Guide, we will cover the basics of combining generals to get the powerful, higher-star ones.

The characters in the game are called Generals. You can form a party consisting of three generals. Of course, these generals are not made equal; some are good enough to be used as fodder while others are sought for their outstanding potential in the battlefield. That’s why the game has the “star system” which uses the number of stars to classify a general’s rarity and supposed power. The more stars, the more powerful the general will be. High-star generals are primarily obtained through premium summon or by purchasing them directly. However, you can use a tedious but cost-efficient process of combining low-star generals to get a random, higher-star one.

You can perform a General Combination process by accessing the Legislature building from your Castle menu. The gold cost and number of fodder generals that you need to use will vary depending on your intended output general’s grade. You can only combine generals of the same grade (stars), and any generals used as fodder will be permanently gone from your roster. This process is non-reversible so be careful not to select generals that you don’t want to lose. Additionally, deployed and locked generals will not appear in the combination screen.
How to Combine Generals

If you used a general that’s been leveled up, the level-up materials invested on that general will be refunded to you in full.
Output General
1-star general x2
2-star general x3
3-star general x4
4-star general x5
5-star general x5
6-star general x5

That concludes our General Combination Guide in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms content!

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