Flow Free

Flow Free

A well connected game

A well connected game
Flow free is a great, simple puzzle game that is easy to play quickly and also fun to play for longer. A 'connect the dots game' where you need to create flows of different colours and fill the boards.

As the name says it is a free game, but with the option to buy packs in game. The basic game, though, comes with hundreds of levels to work through so will give you plenty to enjoy for a long time. The free game is ad supported but the adverts are not too frequent and do not get in the way of the game play.

Additional levels are reasonably priced if you want to get them and buying any of them will also remove the in game adverts. A nice touch.

There are a range of levels from small to large (easy to difficult) and plenty to give a simple (or not so simple) challenge. Lots of variety and some tougher challenges, especially when you need to fill in space with extra connections. Although each pack requires you to work through in order to unlock each board, you can jump straight to one of the harder packs without having to work through lots of simple levels if you find them too easy. There is no time limit on each board and you can try out as many moves as you want to find the solution. Although for the ‘Perfect’ rating you need to do it in a minimum number of moves. You can replay each level though to improve your score or just to repeat the fun. And even reset all your scores at any time and start the game again.

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The games looks match its play. Simple bright colours, and big fonts. There are several themes you can use to change the colours but some of these are purchases. There is also the option to turn on lettered labels for each colour to cope with any problems from colour blindness. The layout suits a phone screen, but can be played just as well on tablets, only in portrait orientation though.

There is no in game music, which is always better than a simple repetitive tune grating at your ears. Simple sounds indicate when you had added or changed a flow, but you can turn these off as well if you prefer.

Overall I really enjoyed playing this, it gets you thinking and stimulates your spatial awareness. I will be keeping it around indefinitely as I can pop back to it at any time and pick up where I left off or try different levels. It is easy to pick up and play at any level, for just a few minutes fun or for a lot longer. And with each board completed there is always the desire to do ‘just one more‘.

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5.0 / 5.0
review by Mark | Apr 11th 2014

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