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The aim of each board is to connect each pair of coloured dots together. You need to touch and drag a line from one dot to the second of the same colour. But importantly, you also need to fill every grid in the square to complete the board. In most boards this is not a problem and will be done by connecting thee dots but in some you will need to snake the 'flows' (lines) around the board to fill in all the space available.


The game play is very simple although can be quite challenging when the boards get bigger and the number of flows required increase. Some simple tips though can help with any size board.

1, Check the board for pairs of dots that are both on the outside edge. Even on opposite sides of the board. This will usually mean that you should join them with a long 'flow' around the edge.

2, dots that are close together can normally be joined with the shortest route. but if different coloured dots are clumped together then at least one of them will probably need to route around the other(s).

3, if the number of flows is several lower than the size of the grid (ie 5 flows on a 9x9 grid then you will probably (or possibly) need to fill in extra space with one of more flows to complete the board.

Finally, if you want to get a perfect score on a board you need to complete is in the minimum number of moves. This is one for each flow. But you can replay the board at any time to improve your score. So, you can take as many moves as you need to figure it out then replay it and swipe in the flows to get your star.

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