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A blast from the past.

From DeNA Corp. and Square Enix comes Final Fantasy Record Keeper, an immensely popular social online RPG that follows Tyro, Dr. Mog's apprentice and his companions in their quest restore the lost records from within the paintings of the Royal Archives. While that premise doesn't sound all that interesting, this title boasts some incredibly robust gameplay on top of taking players on a trip down memory lane, guaranteed to bring forth a profound feeling of nostalgia to fans of the long-running Final Fantasy franchise.

In this game, each installment of the franchise receives it's own world which is in turn divided into several smaller stages. Upon entering a stage, players will be treated to a series of battles that ultimately ends in a boss encounter. The Active Time Battle system makes a reappearance as well so you'll have to make decisions quickly as there doesn't seem to be any way to change the battle mode to wait. And as with every Final Fantasy title, players will have the ever-present 'Attack', 'Abilities' (which can be a magic or summon spell), and 'Defend' commands at their disposal during combat. You will also be able to upgrade and combine equipment to make them stronger as well as create your own abilities using the materials you pick up throughout the game.

One of the things players must pay close attention to is Stamina, which is depletes by a specific amount for every battle you fight in. You'll gradually regain lost stamina over time (+1 point every three minutes). Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way to speed up this process, as being online automatically resets the stamina meter no matter how you manipulate the Date and Time of your device. Party-wise, you can have 5 characters at a time and they can take advantage of stat boosts if you take them to their place of origin. For example, taking Cloud to Final Fantasy VII's world will grant him more experience points together with some stat increases across the board.

This is also true for equipment pieces where they become stronger when equipped on a character from the same world. The all-too-familiar Final Fatasy characters can be recruited into tour party by completing story levels and special event stages. The latter is typically only open for a limited period of time so try to make those priority as soon as they become available.

The graphics are similar to the 2D installments of the series where pixel sprites on a 2D background are used. This adds to the game nostalgic charm so its a definite plus and the music features original tracks from different installments of the franchise. Yet another nice touch. Overall, Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a definite must-have and must-play for fans of the franchise.
5.0 / 5.0
review by mogg1342 | Apr 10th 2015

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