Hints and Tips for Duskwood

Hints and Tips for Duskwood
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As an interactive mystery adventure, Duskwood need to be played and thought about carefully to enjoy and appreciate all of the effort that the developers have gone to in crafting the story and characters that you will meet. While it can be seen as a text based adventure the depth of content you can find and the range of different characters and information sources there are to deal with makes it a deep experience and one that can be hard to navigate for the information needed. Check below for a few hints and tips to make sure you are getting the most from the game.

Check the Characters Profiles
Make sure to open the characters’ profiles, that you can find in the game (tap their avatar in conversations). You can find images, their Instagram profile (yeas real instagram pages) and sometimes several other links. These pages or images can have useful clues at certain parts of the story line so are worth knowing about.

Pay attention to the Spy Texts
You will have access at times to view private conversations where you are in incognito mode and not visible to the participants. While all other conversation will pause for your input as they progress the spy convo will continue on if you are present in the game. If you do not check it when messages are appearing then that can pass you by and not be readable again. Keep an eye out for them and don't leave the game open without checking up.


Text speed
There are various options that you can change for your game in the 'profile' section found at the bottom of the screen. Towards the bottom you will find one for Text-speed. This will affect how fast the characters messages appear during the conversation. If you are keen to move forward quickly you can speed this up, or slow it down if you want to have more time to read some conversations.

Unfortunately even the fastest speed is still quite slow if you are in a hurry to move forward but it does help to change this so you don't have to wait as long for the responses.

Mini games
The mini puzzles games in Duskwood are an important part of your progress as you will need to complete them at many points in the story to move forward and unlock information. These can be fun or challenging but do not need to be too hard.
Check the guide for how to play the mini games to get our tips for completing them.

We hope these Duskwood tips and tricks are helpful. If you have found any more ideas to help play the game please let us know below, or head to the Answers Page if you have a question.

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