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Duskwood is an ongoing mystery adventure game where you play through a text style adventure investigating clues and learning information. It is played out as a series of conversations with contacts in online chats and social media posts that you will need to unravel and find the clues.

Duskwood Mystery Game

Duskwood Mystery Game

You will also need to complete minigames to let you access some of the clues as you get help from a friendly(?) hacker. With both a TV detective mystery feel and the simulated text and chat interface this is an intense and dramatic adventure story that can keep you hooked to the latest developments.

The game is currently waiting on the next episode to further progress in the story line but if you have just jumped into the mystery this guide is a good place to start to get some hints and tips as well as home help on how to play the mini games.

If you find you still have questions for the game please head over to the Answers Page to see if anyone can help you. Or if you can help others.


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