How to play the mini games in Duskwood

How to play the mini games in Duskwood
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While the majority of your time will be spent interacting with the charactets and looking for clues in the jumble of conversations and other evidence your progress in the game will also be governed by being able to complete the mini games that will appear throughout each chapter from time to time to let you gain access to important details.

The games will start out easy but will soon become much more challenging. This can hold up your progress due to the life system and when you are engrossed in the story you will not want to have to wait.

As with many puzzles games you will have 5 lives to use in the mini games and each failed attempt will cost you 1 life. When you run out you will either have to wait for lives to regenerate over time (30 minutes for 1), or spend your credits to buy more.

Match 3

The puzzles are a variety of match 3 style games with increasingly difficult sets of objectives. You will be required to make a set amount of matches using a limited number of move. As well as this you will also face obstacles such as blocks that cant be matched. There are special blocks (boosters) though that you can generate to help you.


Boosters are very helpful as they will clear extra blocks from the board. Combining the boosters together will also increase their effectiveness. Generating boosters in any mini game attempt will greatly increase your chance of completing the puzzle and moving on.

Rockets / line clear
Match 4 in a row to generate a block that can be used to clear a row or column on the board. If you match for in a column then the rocket block will clear a column when activated and similary for rows.

Match 5 in an L shape / Right angle and you will get a small bomb that can clear 3x3 blocks on the board.
Match 5 in a line and you will get a special bomb that can clear all the blocks of the matching colour.

If you are able to generate 2 of the boosters next to each other then you can activate them both at once to immediately clear even more blocks.

2 rockets together will then fire in both directions to clear a row and a column a the same time.
As rocket and a bomb together will fire and clear 3 rows or columns.


As the boosters are very powerful you should always be looking for ways to make them. With practice you can manipulate the blocks to make this possible. When you get one booster do not rush to use it, first look to see if you can make another booster nearby to try to combine them. Combo booster moves will be the key in completing the harder levels as you move through the game.

Take your time to plan your moves. There is no time limit, only a move limit and making the most of each turn will help you to generate the boosters or make the best progress. Always consider the puzzle requirements (you may need to match certain blocks for example) that you need to work towards.

If you are unsure of wha tmove to make a general tip is to look for matches near the bottom of the board as opposed to the top. depending on the board matches near the bottom tend to have more impact on new pieces appearing at the top and possibly setting up chains of matches to clear move blocks.

If you struggle with a level you may have the option at the end to spend credits to gain extra moves. This can be a quick fix to let you complete it and move on. Your credits though are limited and hard to get and the puzzle challenge level that you face will increase as you progress through the chapters. If you are still early in the game then it is better to take a loss and try again so that you can save your credits for use later on.

We hoe this guide was helpful. If you have any questions about the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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