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Character's strength increases slightly by leveling up, but there are two other ways in game to help that process along.


Every character can equip three runes.

These are collected as Quest Rewards for finishing up a task.

Rune Categories: Elemental, Attack, Heal, HP, Defense

Runes are graded by Star Level and can be combined to increase their power.

Better Runes are collected as the levels get tougher.

It will cost 30 Gems to remove an unwanted Rune, so equip carefully.

A Five Star Rune will offer an upgrade to a slight chance for a +5, but it is very expensive and almost always ineffective.

Evolving your character will DESTROY your runes with no added benefit, so you are better off equipping 1-2 Star runes and saving the 3-6 Star ones until you have evolved your character to 4 or 5 stars.


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