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Hero Summons

Hero Summons
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Hero Summons

Hero Summons are going be your main way of filling out your Hero Collection.
The game will automatically add your "Story Heroes" as you complete the main game's story mode, but summons will get you the rest.

Each Hero will bring with it a different and unique set of skills and weapon preferences.

The low down for each of these fabulous folks can be found in the "Hero Collection" tab.

Hero Summons

Summons can be purchased with Gems or with Summon Tokens, received as quest, login or even rewards.

Each hero summoned will have a star rating- between 1 and 5. This star rating is not changeable and the higher the star rating, the higher the class of Hero.

Higher star Summons are pretty pricey and always cost real money, unless you are a very scrupulous Gem saver.

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