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Review: Is the World Ready for Dungeon Link- A Multiplayer Puzzle RPG?

GAMEVIL USA- the publishers behind Zenonia and Baseball Superstars- is back making waves on the App Store and Google Play this week with the release of developers KONG STUDIOS' Dungeon Link. The game is another take on classic RPG gameplay. Dungeon Link takes everything you love about questing and elemental magic attacks and stirs all of that up with a healthy smattering of puzzle-based gameplay. Intrigued? So were we.

The game is (woahh woahh woahhhh) free to play. The energy system is based on Swords, and each battle requires paying one sword to participate. There is a secondary currency and the only one purchasable with actual cash- Gems (shocker, right?)Gems are used to summon stronger heroes and purchase anything else you might need. The in-apps are a nice occasional boost for folks who are seriously into the PvP modes, but the regular characters are good enough for playing the early levels of a pretty fun and really different kind of puzzle game. The Gems issue is relative to how desperate you are to mega OP, however, as Gems are handed out in reasonable amounts through regular game play. Some of the heroes can only be summoned via gems, so completionists beware.

There are a bunch of different gameplay options and as is typical for the free-to-play RPG genre and this helps keep you from getting too turned off by the time dependent energy system.There is a ton going on here: the game gives out tons of loot, features auto-play, daily quests, and an easy multiplayer function.

Dungeon Link's main game Campaigns are played by selecting up to four heroes and selecting a quest/level. Each level can be completed as many times as you feel like for extra loot and extra quest rewards and additionally can be completed in two other difficulty modes for extra prizes.

The game has a friend code system for adding compatriots. Every player is assigned a unique friend ID and can register up to 10 friends. Friends can lend their heroes, send daily gifts and then destroy each other in the PvP arena. Friend Codes can also be exchanged via the chat feature for added convenience.

Over all, if you have a hole in your life that you are looking to fill with a super-involved puzzle game/RPG, this is your game. Even if you aren't I'd certainly recommend a quick download and playthrough. The game is flashy and loud, but satisfying eye candy.

We gave Dungeon Link 4.5 out of 5 stars. We took off half of a star for having expensive gems packages and the dreaded time-dependent energy system.
4.5 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar (Mallary) | Apr 23rd 2015

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