Chaos Rings III

Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips
Chaos Rings III Guide

Poisoning your enemies is a pretty awesome way to keep them from regaining health.

If you want to exploit and enemy's weakness with your normal attack, use a Soma.

Many quests cannot be repeated. Once they are gone, they are gone, so be mindful of these precious opportunities while they are available.

If the advantage gauge is at MAX , you will do your ultimate attack.

Final Strike!! (Is not nearly as fun to say as FATALITY!!)
The power of your Final Strike move will depend on the rarity of the gene equipped , SR is required for the most powerful move.

1. Have the advantage.
2. Stun the enemy. (Critical hits or Weakness hits)
3. Deliver a physical type at the end of your turn when the opponent is stunned

If you get stuck somewhere, check your side quests and complete them. Many of them are necessary to get the story line moving again.

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