Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings III

Coin/Item Farming
Chaos Rings III Guide

Coin/Item Farming

Magma Ocean-
After finishing all 100 floors you will get a choice of recovery skills, or elemental skills
And every time you'll get 30 Coins.

There are also some pricy items/weapons here as well...

- Lava Water 1300
- Fire Lizard Tail 1950
- Black Ash 3250
- Grimy Dog Tag 5200
- Great Fire Lizard 8450
- Magma Worm Skin 13650
- Ancient Mars Globe 22100
- Rare Metal 35750

- Fate Slasher (Sword) 6360
- Giant Impact (Knuckle) 6664
- Southern Peace (Staff) 6664
- Dangozashi (Katana) 7296

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