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The time has come for you to fulfill the ancient purpose. You get to go to Marble Blue. But not yet. First you get to play through about an hour of very wordy tutorial that can’t be skipped in the game. But I’m skipping it here. Moahahaha.

Basically, you are a strapping young man in your early teens, who decides to go out and take up your father’s exploration career by getting your explorer’s license and heading off to New Paleo and eventually… Marble Blue. You get all set to head off into the city, where you will have a house waiting, when your super tiny sister leaps on to the monorail and suddenly it’s the two of you.
Arriving in the city, you will need to run around your house and check out all of your views of New Paleo. Your sister will give you a Black Jacket if you talk to her upstairs and teach you how to equip it from the Camp Menu.

Talk to her again and she will explain to you that your exam for becoming an Explorer will take place at the Modern Coliseum. Next, we are heading to Sky Front.
Investigating the blue cube will pull up a lovely map of Theia and exiting with spark a dialogue with a young lady.

Follow the orange arrow into the coliseum to sign up for the exam and meet your new friends- Daisuke and Leary. Daisuke will challenge you to a fight and proceed to shame you about not knowing about genes/having genes. He will call you a few unnecessarily harsh names.
You guys will fight and he will own. Al will interrupt, introduce himself as your exam proctor and will take the three of you off to Marble Blue for a practical exam.

**Tapping the Shortcut Button in New Paleo will take you to the Town Travel Map**

Next, exit the coliseum and select Shortcut and then Spaceport.

Marble Blue
Al will assign you the “temporary” group leader and give you a communication device to call for a ride out.
As well as 2 Gold Keys to use for picking up gifts.

When you arrive on Marble Blue, everyone will look around.

Al will check in.
He will tell you that your challenge is to find three Gifts. If you can access the Genes corresponding to those three Gifts, you will pass the trial.
Follow the path around the course. You will find a few random battles in between your gifts.

First Gift- BG Star Gift

You will learn about your item sheet that will fill up as you collect gifts and you will receive the

“First Gift” achievement.

Second Gift: BG Star Fruit

Enemy- Carrion Vult
Item dropped- Lavendar

Fire/Ice, Earth/bolt, light/dark are opposing attributes.

There will be a brown chest- Item found- Chocolate
The red arrows will guide your direction.
You will come to what appears to be a little house, but is actually a ridiculous hermit crab thing.

Decked-Out Decapod
Level 3
Type- Earth

Get your third gift and then practice accessing genes.

Third Gift- Tree of Life

Create the Gene and then equip it
Camp Menu- Fuse Gifts- Create N Nobunaga- Camp- Switch

Leary will then get herself stolen by the Mocktopus and you and Daisuke will have to rescue her.
The fight isn’t too difficult. Just use your genes and everyone will survive.
Al will bring you back and award you with your Explorer License I. The three of you will decide to form a little semi-permanent threesome and then go back to eat at your house.
The dinner table council will elect you to be the group leader, regardless of what you say.
You will name your team. Probably something obscene.
Finish eating and then go talk to your sister.
She will give you instructions about accessing quests to further the game along.

The Explorer’s Code
1. When in doubt, visit the spaceport!
2. Accept quests at the spaceport!
3. Accept rank S and A quests over all others!
4. Tap Shuffle should there be nothing else to do.

Your sister will give you a BLT, which is apparently your favorite food.
Your friends will come over and you guys will be set to get adventuring.
“The Modern Colosseum (Battle Mode) has been unlocked!”

Town Travel-SpacePort
Talk to the lady behind the counter. She is the receptionist at gate 7. Her name is Sweet Sally.
She can teleport you off on a quest or straight to Marble Blue.

S – Are unlockable quests that open once certain conditions are met.
A – Are quests that further the storyline.
B – Are optional quests.
C – Quests are easy.
D – Quests are daily and repeatable.

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