Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings III

Review: Chaos Rings III is a Welcome Addition to an Awesome Series

Fans of Square Enix's Chaos Rings series need wait no longer for another title to keep their fingers tapping. This newest title features the story of a headstrong teenager, who must team up with a band of like-minded teens to battle their way through a post apocalyptic world in search of adventure, truth and pretty sweet weapons.

Coming at you with a $19.99 price tag, the game is obviously a premium title and you may rest assured that there are no in-app purchases or ads.

Gameplay is super typical of a JRPG and is similar to the other games in the series. The controls are dual, on-screen joysticks which can be set to appear either on one or both sides or a landscape-oriented screen. The player controls either a single character or a team as they battle any number of creepy monsters in turn-based combat.

The graphics in this latest Chaos Rings installment are enough to justify the extravagant price tag on this title all by themselves. The colors are rich and the illustrations are crisp and minutely detailed. They are the kind of scenes that just make your eyes happy. The game is the first in the series to spend no extra effort Westernizing the game. The voice overs are in their original Japanese, although sub-titles were added for those of us who don't speak it. The enemies' animations will also leaving you waxing Japanese. This installment has been filled with some of the cutest creatures you will ever see and while some might find this a detriment, I think it is an improvement. I think every RPG should be a little bit more like Kingdom Hearts, anyway.

I believe this game to be a worthy title to carry on on the "Chaos Rings" torch. If you can make it past the half hour of backstory/tutorial that happens after the original tutorial that happens with a completely different character, then you are pretty much good to go. This game is a beautiful, console-quality title that is well-worth the price. You will probably pay more for some console games that look worse at one point or another this year, so go play this one and balance the scales.

Four and a half stars. I loved it genuinely, but I would have preferred characters I could understand. Call me spoiled. I just found it difficult to connect with these folks. Regardless of hpw cute they are.
4.5 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar (Mallary) | Jun 15th 2015

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Review by GuestJan 9th 2017

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Review by GuestMar 6th 2016
This is the best game by Square Enix I've played in a long time. Lots of fun; use your brain.
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