Cash Show - Win Real Cash!

Cash Show - Win Real Cash!

Version: 1.2.0 | Everyone

Cash Show is a live trivia show game with cash prizes! You just need to answer questions and you can win BIG PRIZE! Enrich your mind and win big prizes with your knowledge! Daily Cash Shows!

* Show opens twice a day at 12:30 PST and 18:30 PST.

* There are twelve multiple choice questions for every show, which cover topics like science, art, sports, entertainment and many more!

* You will have ten seconds to answer each question. Once you reach prize questions, you can win cash prize from every question with a correct answer! Answer all prize questions right and you will win a big PRIZE!

* If more than one player makes it to the end, they will split the prize. Otherwise, the winner will bring all the prize home!

Come and win cash prize everyday! The Cash Show is ready! Show us what you got!
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Some questions are just too hard for the normal person. So I know there's Bots out there playing. But it's a good way to learn something ...
2.9 / 5.0

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