Bubble Witch Saga

Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips
Bubble Witch Saga Guide

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Hints and Tips
  • Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to drop spiders from the ceiling.
  • Failing to match three bubbles or more will take spiders away from the screen.
  • Switch between bubbles by tapping the cauldron at the bottom of the screen.
  • Aim at the walls on a level (if any) to bounce bubbles into hard-to reach areas.

  • Hints and Tips
  • The blue spiders add 25 points to the score equivalent of the jar a bubble falls into. The yellow spiders will double that score with every hit. While the green spiders will be producing clone bubbles with every hit until its effect wears off.
  • Although you can score by destroying bubbles from the ceiling, the majority of the points will come from the bubbles that end up falling into the jars at the bottom of the screen. So the more bubbles you can drop into those, the better.

  • Hints and Tips
  • There are five jars at the bottom of the screen, each with a specific points value. Green jars give 100 points, blue jars give 500 and the red jar gives 1000.
  • You can instantly get life refills by changing the time or date on your device. This is done by selecting the General tab under Settings then choose Date and Time. Run the game again and you should see that your lives have been restored. However, make sure to revert to the correct Time and Date before playing, as the game will make you wait for a very long time between life refills if you don't.

  • Hints and Tips
  • Most levels in the game will have black bubbles that can only be taken apart and dropped by destroying the regular bubbles that they are attached to. So plan your moves carefully when dealing with these rather troublesome black bubbles
  • At later levels, you will encounter doom bubbles (bubbles with the skull icon). The level will be instantly lost if you do hit a doom bubble so be very careful.

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