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Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles

Bubble Witch Saga is yet another popular match-three type puzzle game developed by King.com Limited. Gamplay involves shooting bubbles from the witch's cauldron at the bottom of the screen (you can switch between two bubbles by tapping on the pot), toward bubbles of the same colors at the ceiling. Successfully combining three or more bubbles of the same color removes them from the screen, while doing it wrong will push the bubbles on top of the screen down by one line. A win occurs when you manage to successfully bring down everything from the ceiling and obtain at least one star (the meter is displayed at the bottom of screen).

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While you can score by simply eliminating bubbles above you, the majority of the points will come from the bubbles you drop into the five pots below. Each of these pots have a different value, with the highest being the one in the middle at a thousand points. You also have a limited number of shots per level so a good degree of planning is required for the later stages.

Review of Bubble Witch Saga on AppGamer.com

And just like Candy Crush Saga, this game is also free to download but heavy on in-game purchases, including extra lives, power ups, coins and items. Once again the prices for these are a bit high, although they come in sets so there is some value there. If spending real cash is not your thing however, you can also get free lives and coins by logging in to your Facebook account.

Review of Bubble Witch Saga on AppGamer.com

The title has good graphics but the music is really repetitive to the point that I simply decided to mute the game. It could have done better on the music department by adding two or three more tracks to the selection. Longevity gets high marks though, given that it has hundreds of stages, players will definitely have to spend a great deal of their time to get through the whole thing.

3.0 / 5.0
Review by mogg1342 | Sep 24th 2014

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Review by GuestAug 17th 2017

Great game, but beat all 3 maps. Need a 4th map. Is it going to happen? or is that the end of the game?

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