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Brixity is a great new world building simulation game from Devsisters Corporation, developers of the Cookie Run games. Set in a future where the Earth is is need of revival you start your mission as a master builder to clean up the planet and build your own dream city.

You will be able to choose from hundreds of building designs an then create your own structures from the thousands of standard and special 'Brix' that can form a vast range of creative layouts.

Brixity Walkthrough

For some great tips, tricks and helpful answers check through the information below and the rest of this guide for more in depth Brixity updates. You can also find the latest Brixity Coupon codes here.

Brixity Walkthrough

The beginning of the game will be a tutorial phase that introduces the Brixity world of the future. You cannot do much at first but follow along and when you get the option to head to Earth on the Rocket go ahead.


Building the structures is a simple process, the game tutorial section will let you build the Earth Restoration Center when you arrive which shows you haw to select and place the Brix. In general a lot of the build is automated with you following the instructions.

This can seem disappointing if yo are used to Minecraft style build games where you can create as you go, however it does make the process of developing a thriving city much easier. When you unlock the option to become a creator you can then make your own custom creations to use.

Brixity Walkthrough

Brixmaster Level

You can see you brixmaster level in the top left next to your avatar. This will increase as you earn Exp points from completing buildings and structures. Leveling up will unlock further options int he game, more buildings and earn you rewards. Make sure to check the level to collect any rewards you have earned this way.

Blueprint Market

The market will be available to you choose designs to place in your city. As you level up the amount of options will increase. Tap on the icon in the lower left to view the blueprint market. You will find standard buildings and other structures as well as some time limited / seasonal buildings. There are hundreds to choose from.

Commercial buildings need to be staffed with Pipo's that you will recruit / invite through a random arrivals option at the Space Port.

Brixity Help and Tips

As you move on in Brixity you will need to get used to the various game mechanics, earning resources, growing your city, recruiting Pipo's and creating buildings.


Building blueprints will cost coins, you will earn these in game and the tutorial will start you off with a commercial building to get your income started. You will also be able to build the fountain of wishes early on to also earn coins.

Make sure to log in and collect your earnings regularly and add in new coin earning commercial buildings when you can.

Expanding your City

As you build you will earn Happiness points, these can then by use to send the Clean-up Bots to restore ares of the Earth. This turn the contaminated ground back to green and allows you to build on it. Some areas that you clean will also rewards you with resources or other useful items. Look out for these as you expand.

The cost of cleaning the land increases as you move further and further out from your starting point, it makes sense to expand slowly as you find the need for more land, although this can cramp your style a little.

Brixity Walkthrough

Recuit Pipo's

Pipo's are he people of Brixity. The NPC characters that help you run and liven up your city. You will need to place Pip'o to the commercial buildings and other areas of the city to help earn more coins.

Another of the early buildings you will get to build is the Space Port. This special building lets you use draw tickets to welcome Pipo's to your new city. Visit the Space port and make Draws. There are a variety of General and Special Pip's to try to collect with some being common and easy to obtain while others are more rare.

Brixity Walkthrough

Each Pipo will also have specific skills / professions that can define what they will do best. Check the full list of Pipo's to see who you have collected so far and what they are suited for in the Collections option on the lower left.


The other main items in Brixity is the code building block, the Brix. There are many thousands of these in the game, many of them are available at the start, with others that will unlock as you acquire new blueprints.

Some of them are 'Special Brix' and these are available to get through certain events or purchases. Not having the Special Brix will mean some designs are not fully possibly but the game does let you get around this with substitutions.

Special Brix Draw

Check out the Special Brix Draw option that unlocks to help you get new special Brix. In here you can find many of the special brix available to buy with in game coins or crystals. Plus check the Daily Tab for the opportunity to get daily free draws for special Brix.

Brixity Walkthrough

City Edit Mode

The city edit mode lets you make changes to the layout. You can move buildings, store buildings, make and remove roads and other decorative tiles to fill in the design of your city creation.

You can access it by tapping the icon on the middle let with the road and arrows. This is below the footsteps icon that lets you walk around the city in 3D.

You can also tap and hold on any building the city to go to edit mode and automatically select that building to be moved, rotated or stored. Storing buildings is useful if you run low on space, not all buildings can be stored though.

Brixity Walkthrough

Brix Pass

The Brix Pass is a set of daily missions that you can complete by doing normal in game activities to earn points and unlock rewards. The more you can do each day the more you can unlock and these are useful for your progression. There is also a paid option that will give you Special rewards to greatly increase what you can gain.

Visiting Other Players

There is a social aspect to the game that allows you to visit other players cities, like their design and follow them. The main options for this unlock at Restoration center level 5 and include City Tour and City Poll.

Through the space port you can visit the players and claim rewards or even get new Pipo's. You can also help them out with Special Brix if you have them to spare. A good way to make friends.

Check the guide to Visiting Players Cities for more details.


The events icon on the right of the screen will take you to the current list of events active in Brixity. Each event will have a number of tasks to complete with rewards on offer. Some will include special buildings to unlock or Brix to collect. All of them will let you collect very useful rewards.

There will be starter events to complete when you first get playing and over time more events will be introduced to make sure there is always plenty to do in Brixity. Make sure to keep an eye on this menu to collect any rewards you have earned.


Brixity is an engaging world builder that lets you not only design your own slice of perfect Earth but also contribute your own designs to others. And you can interact with other designers to get inspiration for more projects.

With thousands of Brix to use you can create a fantastic range of buildings and community spaces. This allows you to customize everything about your city and provide a great setting for your Pipo's to live.

Make sure to check through the rest of our BRIXITY Walkthrough pages for more help with the game. If you find you have any questions for playing Brixity head over to the Answers Page to see if we have the solutions for you or you can ask your own questions.

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