How to save your Brixity game


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Brixity is a fun game that you will be playing for some time as you expand your city and build the many fabulous creations or make your own. Saving your game to back it up or to let you play it on a different device is essential to make sure you don't lose your progress.

When you start playing you will have a guest account for the game which will keep the progress on your device but if you lose the device or it stops working, or if you find you need to reinstall the game at any time then your game progress will be lost and is not recoverable. Even by the in game support.

How to Back Up Your Game

Backing up the game is done by linking it to a DevPlay account to register the game progress with the developers. There are several options here that the game allows including:

  • DevPlay account with your Email address
  • Or linking with any of the following:

  • Google/ Google Play
  • Facebook
  • AppleID
  • To Link your game you will need to have completed the initial tutorial to the point that you can access the main menu (3 lines icon i the top right) and go to the Settings screen.

    Next tap on the About tab at the bottom and you will see your Player Info on the left.

    Follow the options to login to any of the options available and your game will be linked.

    How to save your Brixity game

    Recovering Your Game

    Once you have linked your game in this way you can then recover it later or load it on to another device. When you install the game on a new device then it will look for any matching DevPlay account details, this should let you log straight back into the existing account.

    How to save your Brixity game

    If you do have any issues with your game once it has been linked that you can return to the Settings and the 'About' screen to contact the game support for more help.

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