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Attack The Light
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Take control of the Gems and save the world from the light creatures that escaped from the Prism in Attack the Light. Attack the Light is an RPG that can be bought for about three dollars on both iOS and Android. There are no In-App purchases and Ads as well. Obviously because it is a paid game.

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The gameplay consists of what one might expect from a turn based game. The characters fight the enemies one turn after another, get exp an/or loot from defeated enemies, level up the characters and get new abilities or strengthen present ones. It is a simple turn based game but it does some things right.

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Turn based combat are usually a bit on the slow side and some may claim it to be boring. But this game does something interesting in that it requires the player to be attentive when attacking and defending. Unlike other turn based RPGs where you can just hit a single button continuously, Attack the Light gives the option to time attacks, defense, and most of the various skills the characters use. Failing to do these mean that the character will do less damage on the enemy or, in a defensive state, take more damage from the attack. Failing these on skills mean that they will miss, do less damage, or just fail outright. This is a good addition to any turn based system as it requires the attention of the player.

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Leveling up from these battles and some choices that give a gem of your choosing extra exp (this also heals them) give them the option to increase their stats, acquire new skills or strengthening skills that the character already has. Instead of equipment, badges can be equipped. At the beginning, only one badge can be equipped but at a higher level, two badge slots can be unlocked. The max level cap is a bit low at 30 but it is just right for being a reasonable power level to tackle the final stages with relative ease. The game's length isn't long too. This is fine given its price and game mechanics.

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The graphics are a 2D cartoon based art style that closely follows the art and graphic style of the show it is based from. This art style really works well with the effects and animations that the characters do. The sound in the game is quite good as well. The sound effects used in the game could be the very same sound effects that are used in the show. The game is also heavily voiced over meaning that the characters usually say stuff that pertain to the situation. Like healing teammates or attacking the enemies. Overall the voice acting is pretty good. The only complaint is that the master audio seems to be a bit weak.

Review of Attack the Light on
Review of Attack the Light on

Attack the Light is a good light RPG that is purchasable on both platforms. It is definitely worth the cost even to someone who doesn't follow or even know the show. The interest will only go up if the show is familiar. It is an easy recommendation from fans of turn based RPGs with fun mechanics thrown in it.

4.4 / 5.0
Review by Private (Steph) | May 25th 2015

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