Attack the Light

Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips
Attack the Light Guide

1. Explore
The maps of each section are pretty small so it is recommended that they are explored well. Also, remembering noteworthy locations like places that are locked.

2. Train or Grind
Redoing stages can be done to grind for exp, money and loot. This is especially useful in the bonus stages and in these bonus stages, even if all the character's die, nothing is lost upon retrying.

3. Bonus stage loot
As previously stated, grinding is done nicely in these bonus stages noted by a chest on the map or stage icon. Each time the stage is entered, the chests restock their contents. This is a good place to stock up on items.

4. Practice Timing
Another benefit of grinding for exp or loot is getting the timing down on various attacks and skills used by the gems. These timings get very important near end game.

5. Monetary capacity
Upgrading the wallet when Steven's level goes up is worthwhile because some items require more than the default capacity of 100.

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