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Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

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Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

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This is Part 4 of our full game walkthrough for Amnesia Room Escape Game.

In Part 3 you have found all the clues to unlock and access the Laboratory.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

First in the back right of the room is a computer. View this and you will need to login.
This means completing a puzzle.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

Use the arrows to move the 4 scientist faces around the mazes to reach the green exits. Avoiding the deadly traps. All 4 will move at the same time.

Once done The fridge and arboretum cabinets are unlocked and you will see some instructions. Check the 3 pages of notes.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

Now tap to open the red fridge on the far left.
Collect from inside the green powder and a cylinder of red liquid.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

Next view the fume cupboard at the back.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4
Collect the litmus paper and the yellow powder

Now view the desk on the bottom right to see a scale.
Add the yellow and green powders to the table.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

Now you can tap the 2 powders to add spoonfuls to the scale. You need to find the right mix to reach the correct weight in the instructions. 17.34g
Solution: Green x 2 | Yellow x 3Show

You will collect the mixed powder

Next view the arboretum which on the left of the back wall with the plant inside.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

Use the Auto Pruner to collect leaves from the plant.
Once you get the correct leaf it will be collected. Remove the dead leaves from the left and find a green leaf.

Return to the fume cupboard and place the mixed powder and the red test tube next to the blue one.
Follow the instructions to complete the chemical required.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4
Solution: Steps:
Add red liquid to the flask. Tap the burner to heat it.
Add blue liquid, then heat it again
Add the mixed powder. Then tap the top of the flask to shake it - Twice. Then heat it again.
Add the leaf, it will heat again by itself. It will turn purple.

Once done use the litmus indicator paper on it.

On the desk, bottom right, are some drawers below the scale. View these to see a chemical lock.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4
Use the litmus paper on this to open the drawer.
Collect a key card

Now we exit from the house and go back to the garage.
On the floor is a hatch with a chemical symbol. Use the key card to open this.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4
Tap to view the opened hatch to see a clue.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4Show

You can now go down to a basement.
Tap the light switch which is by the door on the right.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

On the right just below the door is a desk, view the drawer to see a lock.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4
This has rolls of film with symbols on them. You can move each roll up or down to set the correct symbol.
Solution: Triangle, X, Circle, W, SquareShow

Collect a torch and a paper with a clue.
The lights go out but you can use the torch to see.

Use it on the left of the room to see a fridge with a code lock.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4
Add the note paper to it and then view this to work out a code.
Solution: From the paper work out the differences between the pairs of numbers.
469 - 346 = 123
366 - 132 = 234
589 - 244 = 345
so => ??? - 111 = 456 => ??? = 456 + 111 = 567

Code: 567Show

Open the fridge and collect Cheese

Now use the torch to look at a curtain above the sink on the right of the fridge.
Open the curtain to find a hole with a rat guarding.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4
Place the cheese in there quickly to clear away a rat. You can then collect a gas torch.

Now view a cabinet on the right. It has a chain on the handles.
Use the gas torch to break this and open the cabinet.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

From the top left collect a syringe with the antidote and a note with a password.

You can now tap the door to exit the basement, then go back to the house and to the office.
Tap to view the laptop on the desk.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

Use the password to unlock it.
You now have a brain puzzle. This is a pair matching game.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

Find all the pairs to complete the puzzle which assembles the evidence to send to the police.
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4Show

You take the antidote. And save the day Whoo!
Amnesia Walkthrough - Part 4

We hope this guide was helpful in completing Amnesia. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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