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Alto's Adventure

A Trip Through The Mountains in Alto's Adventure

Alto's Adventure is an endless snowboarding trip down a perilous mountain full of gaping chasms, angry old men, unattended fires and sweet, sweet gold. Created by the folks at Snowman, Alto's Adventure is a beautiful journey and everyone is invited to tag along.

This app is available exclusively on The App Store and costs $1.99. The game is totally ad free and the cost of the app covers all unlockable content and boosters.

The game begins with a narrated tutorial that must be completed to get started down the mountain and other than a brief introduction to new characters, that is all the story this game will provide. The tutorial only takes about 5 minutes to complete and goes over all of the basics for llama success. Following the tutorial, the player gets the chance to escort their new friend Alto to the bottom of an endless mountain. Alto will be given mini-quests to complete in order to increase his level and unlock his friends, who each have a different skill that aids quest completion as the challenges get tough. Alto also gets the chance to collect coins as he goes. The coins are used to upgrade in-game boosters or can be saved up for an ultimate suit upgrade.

The graphics are simple, but completely enthralling. The game progresses fluidly and with a soft melody in the background, the game becomes more of an experience than an adventure. The sounds are basic- the cling of a collected coin, the swoosh of a well-executed trick and the thud of a failure.

Overall, the game is stunning. It plays like gliding through a piece of artwork. Alto's Adventure is one of the more immersive games out there for casual gamers. It feels like a living world. I wanted it to be a living world. The weather changes, the day gradually dissolves into night and the scenery evolves seamlessly as the endless mountain continues. Alto's Adventure is absolutely perfect.
5.0 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar | Feb 27th 2015

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