Alto's Adventure

Hints to Keeping the Run Going

Hints to Keeping the Run Going
Alto's Adventure Guide


    During a backflip, listen for a noise and a brief circle flashing on the character's body to signal successful completion of the flip for landing.

    The best way to get enough air time to span the big chasms is to jump at the apex of the ramp or hill instead of at the very end.

    The tutorial can be replayed as many times as you want and is a good place to practice getting awesome at jumping, which is easily the most difficult skill in the game.

    After collecting coins, you can upgrade the hover feather and the magnet to make the effects of both last longer from the main menu's "Workshop" icon. There are five stages of upgrade to each.

    Coins can also be used to upgrade your suit to increase your air time when preforming tricks.

    Signing in to the Game Center unlocks achievements and global leaderboards.

    The game gives you quests to complete in order to unlock new friends to ski for a while and give Alto a break.

    Many of the quests do not have to be completed in the same run, but can be spread out over several. If the quest requires an action to take place all in one run, it will specifically say so.


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