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All Star Tower Defense is a Roblox game where instead of the normal turrets you would see in other most other Tower Defense games, you defend with anime style characters!

There is a large number of different characters to unlock in the game, each with different abilities, so choosing which one you use and choose to upgrade will depend on which enemies you face on each level. Check out our All Star Tower Defense tips and the beginners guide videos below.
All Star Tower Defense
All Star Tower Defense

All Star Tower Defense Tips

Here are a few tips for this Anime based Tower Defense game on the Roblox Platform.

Get Free Gems
Look out for all the ways to get free gems in All Star Tower Defense. Gems are the premium currency in the game, and here are a few ways to get some.

Daily Login Bonus
Log in every day to get some gems.

Redeem Free Codes
Look out for codes in All Star Tower Defense which you can redeem in the game for free gems

Complete Daily Tasks
Check out the daily tasks and try to complete them to get free gems.

Time Chamber
If you have some spare time, you may want to consider using the Time Chamber for some free gems. You get 2 Gems and 3 Gold roughly every eight minutes (double if you are a premium member), so not a great deal, but it's a pretty easy way to get free gems in the game. Just remember you'll still need to look active on your PC for the Time Chamber to give you gems, so minimise your game and go do something else on your computer! But remember to check back with the game regularly to keep claiming your rewards.

Story Mode
First time Completion a Story Mode Chapter will get you 20 Gems, if you repeat a level after it has been completed, you'll get another 4 gems.

Try to get the Best Characters
All of the characters in the game are tiered, and if you are able to obtain any of the Top S-Tier Characters then clearing levels will be a lot easier. Look out for any free opportunity to get these S-Tier characters, Broly and Whitebeard.

Be Patient
If you are struggling, don't click for the next wave until you have completed the current wave otherwise things will just get harder for you.

Upgrade Your Units
Remember to keep upgrading your units in order to make them strong enough to defeat the waves that are coming next. If you forget to upgrade, then sooner of later, your defense will fail.

Upgrading! When you place down a unit, its always best to upgrade them, click on the unit, and it will show "Upgrade" for the amount of cash needed, click on it and the units should at least change or do more damage than before.

Unit Placement
Place your units as efficiently as possible, so that means keep them close to the path, and place your best units close to bends or where two paths cross in order to make better damage. This is also a good place to put your AOE and splash damage units.

All Star Tower Defense Beginner Video Guides

Here is a comprehensive beginners guide video, check out the game video and subtitles, for some good getting started pointers for All Star Tower Defense on Roblox.

This video is more suitable for those that have played the game for a little bit already and want to know how to be able to level up more quickly.

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