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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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This is our full walkthrough for Part 2 of Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder, another great escape room game from Haiku.

We have retrieved the spare key from the Security office and now return tho the main building to continue the investigation. Time to visit Prof. Lansky.
Chapter 2

Star: On the furthest ceiling light.

Tap the clock above the locked cabinet to view it.
Then view the padlock on the cabinet.
Chapter 2
Hint: use the time on the clock.
Code: 0827Show

From the cabinet collect a screwdriver. Then use this on the flashlight below to collect a Light bulb.

Tap the door at the end of the corridor t open it and then enter the Art room.
Chapter 2

Tap on the drawers in the center to open the top drawer. Note the slide projector remote control.

There are 4 slides to collect from the room.
Bottom right under a canvas.
On the bookshelf on the right.
Window top left.
Tap the clipboard on the desk to see details of the victim and find the fourth slide.
Chapter 2

Also collect the slide projector from the bookshelf on the right.

From the desk on the left collect an Eraser,

Tap the blue painting on the easel to move it and then collect the easel.

On the walls to the left there are 5 drawings of famous paintings. You can view them as a clue.
Chapter 2

Place the slide projector on the drawers unit with the remote control. Then add the slides to the projector.
Use the eraser to erase the sketches from the white board.
Use the easel on the 3 windows to close the curtains.
Chapter 2

Now use the remote to turn on the projector. The light will flash but the bulb is broken.
Use the spade bulb you have from the flashlight on the projector to replace it.

The projected image is blurry, tap the projector to get a puzzle to focus the lens.
Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Hint: There are 5 dials to rotate to line up the overlaying images until they match one of the pictures from the wall.
Solution: Chapter 2Show

You will now see 4 images in succession which you can repeat by tapping the projector remote.
These are a clue:
Hint: get the artists names for the 4 paintings using the clues on the wall.

Now tap on the book on the book case on the right.
Chapter 2
Hint: Tap to pull down books.
Solution: Follow the names of the artists HOKUSAI, VAN GOGH, CEZANNE, MUNCH.
Tap on H V C M

Tap the projector again to collect the light bulb from it. Then exit back into the corridor and add it to the flashlight so that you can collect it also.

You can now enter the secret passage.
Now we have a maze puzzle.
Chapter 2

Hint: Tap the white boxes to rotate the black shoe prints. You need to create a path that crosses all the squares and exits the maze.
Solution: Chapter 2Show

You now find Prof. Lansky with some drugs.
Chapter 2

Move the flashlight around the room and locate hidden items. You need 6 more pieces of jewelry.

Star: Upper center, to the right of a painting.

Once you find them all you will assemble another Caesar badge.

The police are now called in but you need to keep investigating to find out more about the victim.

You head over to the Dorm building
Chapter 2

First collect the 3 colored transparencies from the ground (blue, yellow, pink)

Tap to talk to the woman at the desk. Who for some reason makes you prepare exactly 6 oz. of coffee.

Take the coffee from the counter.
Open the drawer below the coffee machine to get sugar, then open the fridge (cupboard on the right) to get milk.
Then open the cabinets above to get the pitcher and a coffee grinder.
Chapter 2

Use the pitcher on the water dispenser to fill it.

Now tap on the coffee machine to view the counter.
Place the coffee grinder, coffee beans, pitcher of water, milk and sugar on the counter.
Chapter 2

Drag the beans to the grinder. Tap it and you will get ground coffee. Drag this to the top of the coffee maker.
Add the water to it and then press the button to turn it on.

You now need to pour out exactly 6 oz, using 5, 8 and 12 oz glasses. This is a puzzle
Chapter 2
Solution: Pour from the 12 to the 8. Then from the 8 to the 5. Then from the 5 to the 12. Then the 8 to the 5. Then the 12 to the 8. Then the 8 to the 5.Show
You will now have 6 oz left in the 8 oz glass.

Now just add a sugar cube and some milk and collect the coffee cup.
Chapter 2

Place the coffee on the front desk. You can now view a piece of paper with a list of names and symbols on it.
Chapter 2

Now tap to view the grid on the paper on the small table. Then place the 3 transparencies on it.
Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Hint: use the clues to move the transparencies around and align them correctly.
Solution: Move the yellow sheet to align the number “817” with the box where 8 and 17 meet. The pink sheet has a matching compass icon. over lay this for the correct position. Then the blue sheet has another matching icon (2 people dancing). Align this as well.Show

Now you can identify the number for Caesars room by the icon on the list of names.
Solution: 3 15
Chapter 2

Before you head up to the room there is a sticky note on the board by reception with a clue (count the triangles)
Then view the drawing on the wall to the right.
Chapter 2
Solution: Count the triangles in each symbol to get a code: 3 6 8 9Show

Now you can enter the elevator on the right. Select the 3rd floor.
Chapter 2
Exit and tap on door 15.
Chapter 2

The door code is the code found above. 3689Show
Enter the room.
Chapter 2

Collect the palette knife and a key from the unit at the back. Then also a jar of wooden sticks from the shelves on the right.
Collect the stool

Open the closet to see some shoes, use the palette knife on them and you can collect a second key.
Next open 2 low cabinet doors to find a bucket, and heat gun.
Chapter 2

Now view the table
Chapter 2
Place the heat gun, sticks and bucket (glass jar) on the table.

Pour the plaster (white and blue packet) and water into the bucket. Then drag a stick to stir the mixture.

Pour the mixed plaster into the three molds. Then drag the chisel to them to break open all three molds.
Chapter 2

Use the heat gun on the plaster key to dry it and then collect it.

Place the stool by the left closet door.
You can now reach the case on top of the closet. It has 3 key holes.

Use the three keys to unlock the briefcase. Look inside and find a note, then you will be able to compare it with another note.
Chapter 2

Hint: Find all eight handwriting differences to complete this puzzle. Tap pairs of words to highlight the letter differences.
Solution: Chapter 2Show

That completes part 2, now move on to part 3

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