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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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This is our full walkthrough for Chapter 5 of Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder, another great escape room game from Haiku.

In Chapter 4 we have found the location of Caesar's secret stash. So now we need to go get it in the gardens.
Chapter 5

First collect the rake and the shears from the ground and by the fountain.
You can collect a red puzzle piece from the 3 figures at the top, and a pink one from the base of the statue.
Use the shears to cut the bushes on the top right to get a green piece and finally use the rake on the sand top left to find a blue piece.

Collect the hat from the figure to the left.
Use the shears on the kite that is on the bush to the left of the statue. This collect a kite frame.
Use the kite frame on the blocked pipe on the fountain. This clears it and something falls out.
Now use the hat on the water to collect a Yellow Puzzle piece.

Notice the four clues around the garden:


The statue in the center can be moved and posed by tapping on the head, arms and legs.
Hint: follow the clues to decide on the correct pose / positions.
Solution: Chapter 5Show

There is a now a puzzle box at the base of the statue.
Chapter 5

First add the 5 extra pieces to the puzzle.

Hint: You need to move all the pieces to the correct places. Each has a matching color and shape.
Solution: Chapter 5Move the top blue piece to complete it. Show

The box opens to reveal a tape recorder. Listen to the recording and then you can collect the USB stick.
Chapter 5

Kate has been kidnapped, and is now tied up in a burning room.
Chapter 5

First tap on the mirror on the far right. Then tap on the reflection of the hands to start a rope puzzle.
Chapter 5

To complete this puzzles you need to trace the line of the ropes in the lower section to match the actual rope on the top section. As a reflection. This can be tricky but take it slowly and adjust your movements to match. Reaching the circles will set a check point.
Chapter 5

Once done you will be untied and you now need to put out the fire.

On the left of the room collect the Tongs and the shovel and look at the poster about fire.
Chapter 5

Then also collect the multi-tool from the floor and the fire extinguisher and rope from in front of the window.
Tap to open the small cupboard on the far left and collect a baking sheet.

First use the tongs to collect a paint can from the left and place it in the blue water barrel. Then place the backing sheet on top to smother the flames. Collect the sheet and then do the same with the other paint can

Use the fire extinguisher on the electrical box by the door.

Finally use the multi-tool to cut open a sack of sand on the left. Then use the shovel to collect some sand.
Add this sand to a burning box to put it out. Repeat this for the other 2 boxes.
When all the fire is out you can open the door and leave.
Chapter 5

Bill is injured so we need to help.
Chapter 5

Use you multi tool on the wall mounted axe to collect it.
Collect the 2 rulers from the desks.
Tap the box of cable ties lower left to collect some.
Then collect the roll of Plastic wrap from by the door. And from the shelf above get a cloth.

Use the cloth to place on the wound. Then use plastic wrap to cover and protect it.
Next use the rulers and cable ties on the broken leg as a splint.
Then use the axe on the stool in the corner to break it then add the rope to it to make a stretcher.

Take a look at the paper on the wall for a clue.
Chapter 5

Then add the USB stick to the computer and tap the screen to view it. You need a passwrod
Chapter 5

Entering any wrong number and tap enter will show you a hint. This is a set of 4 shapes to add up values for.
Chapter 5

Hint: Use the paper on the wall to get the value of the shapes.
Solution: Check the paper, step 1 there is a column of four pentagons = 36, So the Pentagon is 9. There is a row with three pentagons and one star = 33. 3×9 = 27. So that means the star is 6. Follow this procree to work out the square and circle (3 and 7).Show
Code: Circle + square + pentagon + circle => 7+3+9+7= 26.Show

Now we have a new puzzle for the USB stick.
Chapter 5

Hint: Look at the patterns on the left. Not that for the first 2 rows the third image is a combination of the first 2.
Solution: Complete the pattern on the right to combine the final rows 2 images. You then need to do this 2 more times but with differences.
Second set : the final pattern on the second set is an inverse of the combination of the first 2.
Third set: an Exclusive OR. Combine the black squares, but if there are 2 black squares then it will cancel out and be empty.

Solutions: Chapter 5
Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Completing the puzzle will decode the image and you can see the informant.
Chapter 5

Now to catch Carla. This brings up another mini game.
Hint: Tap any space to place a barrier to block Carla's movement. If Carla makes it to the edge of the grid she escapes. Keep placing items until she is surrounded and cannot move.
Chapter 5

Once she is trapped that ends the game, you arrest Carla and Sylvia is now free.
We hope this guide was useful to you. If you enjoyed this game there are many more adventure Mystery escape games available and we have guides to help with those too.

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