Angry Birds 2

Types of Enemies

Types of Enemies
Angry Birds 2 Guide


Minion Pig (small, medium and large)- defenseless and easy to destroy.

Helmet Pig- helmet for protection

Magic Pig- turns Birds into objects

Rocket Pig- when a Bird approaches, he blasts into the air, then floats safely down with a parachute.

Snowball Pig- launches snowballs at the Birds

Construction Pig- throws screwdrivers at the Birds.

Fireman Pig- burns Birds with a blowtorch.

Miner Pig- wears a miner helmet and holds a purple crystal. Shoots laser from the crystal turning your
birds into random objects.

Umbrella Pig- Floats down slowly. Wears a black hat.

Wizard Pig- Slowly fires magic orbs.

Balloon Pig- Inflates a balloon after several seconds and floats away after (but doesn’t leave level) .

Golden Pig- Immediately fills the Destruct-O-Bar.

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