Angry Birds 2

Meet the Birds

Meet the Birds
Angry Birds 2 Guide


Meet the Birds
Color- Yellow
Name- Chuck
Material- Wood
Ability- Dash

Meet the Birds
Color- Red
Name- Red
Material- All
Ability- Yell

Meet the Birds
Color- Blue
Name- The Blues
Material- Ice
Ability- Divide and Conquer

Meet the Birds
Color- White
Name- Matilda
Material- All
Ability- Egg Drop

Meet the Birds
Color- Silver
Name- Bubbles
Material- Stone
Ability- Looping Manometer

Meet the Birds
Color- Black
Name- Bomb
Material- All
Ability- EXPLODES!

Meet the Birds
Color- Red (Large)
Name- Terrence
Material- All
Ability- Plow

The yellow one breaks through wood, in addition to its speedy dash ability.
The red bird's yell is particularly good a knocking down strong structures.
The blue birds take out ice
The matronly white bird, Matilda, drops an egg from above, which is good for hitting TNT crates nestled between two other structures.
The new silver bird is perfect for taking out stone. It's crazy looping manometer can be helpful if mastered properly.
The black bomb bird can take a big bite out of sctructures, particularly good against ones with a strong base that's hard to budge.
Terence is truly massive, and can plow through multiple buildings provided you take proper advantage of the terrain features so he can throw his weight around.

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