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Hints & Tips
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The order that the birds are given to you is randomly generated each time. The way the materials are stacked- Stone, Glass or Wood- is also random.

Aim for the bottom. Most of the attack pigs (detailed on our Enemies Page) can be defeated by simply aiming for the base of their defense structures.

Do your Daily Quests! Daily quests are your easiest way to get free gems. Far from being a game designed to be completed in a few days, AB2 wants you to play a few minutes everyday and rewards you for doing so.

You are allowed to change your bird if you have pulled back the catapult, but haven’t released the bird.

It is possible to watch a video and replay the Arena! More prizes! For a short ad…. Woo?

Try to avoid launching a new bird until all of the debris has settled.

For more lives now, the time traveling cheat works on this game for the time being.

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