100 Doors Challenge

100 Doors Challenge - Levels 1-10

100 Doors Challenge - Levels 1-10
100 Doors Challenge Guide


The first 6/7 doors in this game are a tutorial and you will be told how to open them. After that you need to start figuring them out for yourself. If you have trouble with any of them check below for the clues.

Level 1

Push the button as directed

Level 2

Tap and slide the rug to the right to reveal a key.

Collect the key, then tap it in your inventory to select is and tap the lock on the door to open it.

Level 3

Tap on the clock to time travel.

Find and tap on a crowbar near the top right to collect it.

Tap the clock again to return to the current time and then use the crowbar on each door to open it.

Level 4

Tap the box on the wall to open it, then tap and hold the lever inside until the numbers count down to 1.

Level 5

Tap to collect the bottom of cleaner

Tap and slide the round cover to the right to open the hole.

Tap the hole to descend and then collect the sponge from the sea floor.

Combine the bottle and the sponge in the inventory. Then tap the top of the screen to ascend to the door.

Use the cleaner/sponge to clean the locked door top open it.

Level 6

Shake your phone / device yo are playing on to make the skull in the top right fall, revealing a key.

Collect the key and use it to unlock the door.

Level 7

Tap the matches to the left of the door to collect them.

Tilt your device to make the canon roll to the left and point at the door.

Tap to collect a cannon ball. Use the ball on the cannon to load it.

Use the matches on the cannon to fire it and open the door.

Level 8

Tap the sledge hammer to collect it.

Tap on the trap door to open it and again to descend into the cellar

Use the hammer to break the large barrel and collect a handle that falls out.

Use the handle on the slot in the center of the wall. Then tap to activate the handle.

Tap the top of the screen to go back up through the trap door and the door is open.

Level 9

Tap the GO arrow to move to the right. Collect the pliers from the chair.

Use the pliers on the cable above the electrical box to cut them.

Tap the left GO arrow to return to the doors. Tap the call button to the left of the doors to open them.

Level 10

Tap on the clock to dim lights then tap the light switcgh on the righ of the door to turn off all lights.

A code is revealed:



Tap the light switch again to turn the lights back on.

Tap the keypad on the right and then enter the code to open the door.

Continue to find the answers for levels 11-20. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page.

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