100 Doors Challenge

100 Doors Challenge - Levels 21-30

100 Doors Challenge - Levels 21-30
100 Doors Challenge Guide


This is our guide to completing levels 21-30 in 100 Doors Challenge, you can check back on level s 11-20 in the previous page.

Level 21

Tap the arrows on each of the 4 squares to rotate them. Each once needs to be set as a clock.

The 4 arrows have numbers which is the hour you need to set it to, but on a 12 hour clock face not 24.

17=5 o-clock, 15=3 o-clock, 12=12 o-clock, 8=8 o-clock

Once set the door will open.

Level 22

Tap the blowtorch on op of the box to collect it. Tap the sledge hammer on the left wall to collect it.

Use the blow torch on the box to heat the side panel. Then use the hammer to remove the panel.

Collect the explosives from inside the box. And also the cable.

Slide the box to the right to move it and reveal a detonator. Collect this.

Combine the cable and detonator in your inventory, then use it on the door to connect it.

Next use the explosive to place them on the door as well.

Tap the detonator to destroy the door.

Level 23

There are 4 parrots that will make a noise when you tap them.

Tap the glowing skull above the door to make the parrots screech in a sequence. Repeat the sequence correctly to open the door.



4 3 2 1 3 pause 2 4 2 1 3

Level 24

Tap one of the levers to make the gold cylinders move up and down in the slots on the pillars, tap again to stop them on the gold painted ares of the pillars.

When both are in position the door will open.

Level 25

Tap the draw in the center of the desk to open it and collect a paper and a disc.

Use the paper on the printer to load is and tap the printer to print out a number.



Use the disc on the computer and the word PASSWORD will appear.

Tap the keypad by the door to enter the number printed. The door will open.

Level 26

Tap to collect the magnifying glass and the dynamite from the floor.

Use the dynamite on the door to place it.

Select the magnifying glass and hold it between the window and the dynamite to light the fuse.

The door will open.

Level 27

Tap the antenna on top of the TV and drag it around the room. As you move it numbers will appear on the tv screen. Find all 4 numbers and remember the order.




Use the code on the keypad to open the door.

Level 28

Tap on the glass case containing the axe until it breaks and you collect the axe.

Use the axe on the ceiling to open the panel.

Shake your device until the gun falls from the ceiling and then tap the gun to fire it and open the door.

Level 29

Tap to collect the rope from the floor.

Tap and slide the barrel to the left to reveal and collect a magnet.

Combine the magnet and rope in your inventory then use this on the grate in the floor to collect a key.

Use the key to open the door.

Level 30

Tap to collect the drum stick from the floor.

Use the stick to tap the gongs in the correct sequence. If you make a mistake there will be a noise and dust on the floor to let you know to start again.

Sequence: Start with the gold gong, tap it 3 times. Then move according to the arrow, clockwise, around the gongs tapping them 4 times, 3 times and the last one 5 times as per the numbers on the floor.

The door will open.

Continue to find the answers for levels 31-40. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page.

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