100 Doors Challenge

100 Doors Challenge - Levels 11-20

100 Doors Challenge - Levels 11-20
100 Doors Challenge Guide


This is our guide to completing levels 11-20 in 100 Doors Challenge, you can check back on levels 1-10 in the previous page.

Level 11

Swipe the wooden bar that is blocking the door up to remove it. The door will open.

Level 12

Tap the level to turn off gravity and make the box float.

Tap ans slide the box to the left above the circle on the floor. Then tap the level to turn the gravity back on.

Repeat this process to move the box over the circle on the right.

Once both buttons have been pressed the door will open.

Level 13

Tap to collect the broom and bucket from the left of the room. Then combine them in the inventory.

Tap on the far right next to the cylinder to collect a gas mask.

Select the broom/bucket from the inventory and tap the spilled liquid to clean it. The door will open.

Level 14

Tap to collect the broom.

Swipe up on the pot and let go to drop it, repeat until it breaks.

Use the broom on the broken pieces to clear them and then collect the key from the floor

Use the key on the door to open it.

Level 15

Tap the right GO arrow to see a board with a number clue. A=2, B=6, C=? D=?.

Count the lines to find out what C and D are.

Tap the Left arrow to return and use the keypad to enter the code Code:


2 6 13 16

Level 16

Tap the handle seen on the far left to collect a knife.

Use the knife on the cheese to cut a piece, then collect it.

Use the cheese on the parrot to collect the keys.

Use the keys to open the door.

Level 17

Tap and slide the desk in front of you to the left to reveal a flask. Collect it.

Move the table back and use the flask to place it on the table.

Tap the flask again to reveal a puzzle. Move the atoms in the puzzle into position to complete the puzzle, When yo get it right the puzzle will close and the flask will be filled with liquid.


Place the S in the central position with 4 joining it. Place the 4xO atoms in the closes space and the 2 x H on the ends of the right branches.

Collect the flask and then select it and tap the door to throw it and open the door.

Level 18

Tap to collect the roll of tape in the bottom left.

Tap the Go arrow to move right and then tap the cable on the floor to collect it.

Go back to the left. Select the cable from your inventory and tap the floor to place it.

Use the tape on the 2 joins to complete the cable. Tap the call button on the left of the door to open it.

Level 19

Shake your device until the barrel on the left falls over. Tap to collect a gun part that was under it.

Select the part from the inventory and tap the gun on the wall to complete it and then collect the gun.

Use the gun to shoot the 2 green targets on the ceiling. The box will float.

Collect the ID card from under the box.

Use the ID card on the slot to the right of the door to open it.

Level 20

Tap to collect 2 logs from the floor and the box of matches from on top of the stove to the left.

Tap the stove to open the door. Use the logs to add to the stove.

Use the matches to light the stove. The ice in the room will melt and the door will open.

Continue to find the answers for levels 21-30. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page.

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