100 Doors Challenge

100 Doors Challenge - Levels 31-40

100 Doors Challenge - Levels 31-40
100 Doors Challenge Guide


This is our guide to completing levels 31-40 in 100 Doors Challenge, you can check back on level s 11-20 in the previous page.

Level 31

Tap the right GO Arrow to move to the right.

Tap the green medical box on the wall to open it. Tap to collect the jar of pills inside.

Collect the coins from the seat. Use the coins on the coffee machine, and collect the cup of coffee.

Combine the pills and the coffee.

Go back to the left and use the coffee/pills to give to the guard. When he falls asleep collect the access card from his pocket and use it on the card swipe to the left. The doors will open.

Level 32

Tap the jumbled painting to the left of the door to open a puzzle. Tap and drag the pieces of the painting to arrange them into the correct positions on the screen.

Once the painting is complete the doors will open.

Level 33

Tap to collect the matches fro the table. Then the garbage can and the cardboard boxes from the floor. Use and place the garbage can on the desk, then the boxes on top, and finally the matches to light it.

The smoke detector will trigger and the doors will open.

Level 34

Collect and place the 4 heavy items from the floor into the chest. The chest will fall though the trap door.

Tap the trap door to descend then tap the lever on the far wall.

Go back up and the door will be open.

Level 35

Tap the button on the wall to the left of the door to view a sequence of colours on the screen.

Tap the coloured buttons on the floor in the same sequence to open the door.



B, G, B, Y, G, B, Y

Level 36

Tap the fishing net on the right to collect it. Collect also the orange bucket.

Slide the circular cover to the right to open the hole in the floor

Use the net on the hole to catch a fish.

Use the bucket on the hole to collect water.

Use the bucket of water on the floor to make a puddle.

Use the fish to place it in the puddle.

The robot will then give you keys, use these to open the doors.

Level 37

Tap the clock to travel to the past. Collect the wire cutters from the floor.

Tap the clock again to return and use the wire cutters on the fence.

The door will open.

Level 38

Tap the green panel on the wall to the left of the door to open a puzzle. This is a matching puzzle where you must find pairs of matching images. Once you find all the matches the doors will open.



100 Doors Challenge - Levels 31-40

Level 39

Tap and hold on the door handles and slide them top open each door. Then tap and slide down the chain that is in the opening. This will pull down the elevator to exit.

Level 40

Collect the stick to the left of the pot, then use is on the fire torch on the top left, then use us again below the pot to start the fire.

Collect the large spoon from the right of the pot and then use it on the bag of powder to the left to place some in the pot.

Tap the pot to retrieve a key from it. Use it on the doors to open them.

Continue to find the answers for levels 41-50. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page.

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