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Recruitment (Gacha) Guide

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Yggdrasil the Origin is an Idle-RPG where you can collect heroes with various types and abilities and create ideal parties to tackle various challenges in the game. To increase your ranks, you’ll need to recruit more heroes to make the ideal team. In our Recruitment (Gacha) Guide, we will discuss how the game’s gacha/recruitment system works.


The game’s recruitment can be done by accessing the Tavern, one of the facilities available in the City. However, you can only unlock this location by completing the tutorial stages. So if you just started the game, simply focus on clearing the tutorial stages until you unlock this feature.

The game has three banners, each using their own type of currencies/coupons. We will discuss them individually in their own separate sections below:
* Advanced Recruit: Use Diamonds or Basic Recruit Coupons
* Faction Recruit: You can only use Faction Recruit Coupons in this banner
* Friendship Recruit: You can only use Friendship Points in this banner.

In all banners, you have the chance to pull for a Full Hero Card (the character itself) or Hero Fragments. A full hero card will allow you to use the hero normally; you can deploy the hero, upgrade it, and more. However, fragments are not complete heroes but part of them. If you have pulled a full card of a hero you already own (the character, not just fragments), it will be automatically converted into 60 Hero Fragments. These fragments can be used to increase the hero’s stats and Stars.
Recruitment (Gacha) Guide

Once you have 60 fragments of a hero you don’t own yet, you can combine them to get the hero. To do this, access your Inventory Bag from the Campaign screen. Tap the Hero tab to see all hero fragments you have collected. Select the hero with at least 60 fragments then press USE to forge the fragments into one card and to recruit the character.

You can do the same with the generic Epic Hero Fragment though the hero you’ll get will be random. However, if you manage to pull a duplicate copy of the hero you already own, you’ll get 60 fragments of that hero instead, which you can use to increase that hero’s stars and stats.
Recruitment (Gacha) Guide

For every pull, you’ll get 10 Hero Coins. These coins can be exchanged for hero fragments from the Store. The amount of coins required will vary per hero. Usually, the fragments of heroes you don’t own yet will cost twice as much as the fragments of the heroes you already own.

Advanced Recruit

In this banner, you can only use Diamonds (the game’s premium currency). Each pull costs 200 but if you do a x10 pull, you only need to spend 1800 diamonds. That’s why if possible, always opt for a x10 pull to get the most out of your buck. You’ll have the chance to get any epic character currently in the game’s pool.

The drop rate of this banner is as follows:
* Epic Hero Fragment: 70%
* Epic Hero Full Card: 14%
* Special Epic Hero Fragment: 15%
* Special Epic Hero Full Card: 1%

Faction Recruit

In this banner, you can only use Faction Recruit Coupons. This banner features heroes from the four main factions (Scavengers, The Empires, The Forgotten, and the Dryad). These factions are rotated in a regular schedule though you can forcibly activate a faction’s banner by using diamonds.

The drop rate of this banner is as follows:
* Elite Hero Fragment: 25%
* Epic Hero Fragment: 60%
* Epic Hero Full Card: 15%

Friendship Recruit

In this banner, you can only use Friendship Points. You can earn these points by adding new friends, sending and claiming gifts from them. Each recruit costs 10 FP. There’s no discounted rate for a x10 pull so you can just keep doing single pulls as necessary.

The drop rate of this banner is as follows:
* Elite Hero Fragment: 72%
* Epic Hero Fragment: 23%
* Epic Hero Full Card: 5%

That concludes our Recruitment (Gacha) Guide in Yggdrasil the Origin. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Yggdrasil the Origin content!

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