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Yggdrasil the Origin is an Idle-RPG where you can collect heroes with various types and abilities and create ideal parties to tackle various challenges in the game. In our Beginner’s Guide, we will provide some tips and tricks to help you get started with the game.

If you have played other idle RPG titles before, you should already be familiar with basic gameplay. YtO follows the same concept; you can earn resources automatically as time passes by, there's auto-combat, and you just need to focus on farming for resources and equipment that you can use to further improve your team. While the general concept of idle rpgs are very similar, it is still expected for them to have special takes or features to set their game apart from one another.

Here are 12 tips that we think you should know to get started in the game.

1. Play through the tutorial to unlock more features
This is pretty much a given whenever you start a new mobile game. Features are usually locked behind player progress and Yggdrasil - the Origin is no different. It’s quite easy to get most of the basic features unlocked early on so just play the game straight for around an hour or two and you should be able to get the hang of the gameplay.

2. Don’t spend too much on the starter units.
Your starter units are only good until a certain point. It’s okay to level them up a bit so once you have unlocked the gacha option, keep pulling for better units. You can use the Rebirth option to reset the levels of your starter units to get all the resources you’ve spent back. (see below)

3. Bind your account after getting a good unit
You’ll start playing by default on a guest account so after unlocking the gacha /recruitment option of the game (as well as collecting the free diamond gifts or log-in rewards), use them all and check if you’ll get a great starter unit. If you’re lucky enough, bind your account with an email address of your choice to save your progress. If not, simply exit the game, clear its cache, and start all over again.
Beginners Guide

4. Claim the freebies
The game has daily, weekly, and monthly freebies that you can claim from the shop. And since this is a new game from the time of writing, there are also free rewards that you can claim by progressing through the game and logging in daily. Always check the buttons with the red exclamation point to claim these rewards.

5. Using the Reborn option
Use this option if you want to reset a unit back to LV1 and receive all the resources used to power up the unit. This is a very useful feature especially when you’re changing party members, giving you the ability to re-allocate the refunded resources to the new unit - ensuring that no resources are lost in the process. This also means that you don’t need to farm for the same resources from scratch, saving you precious time and effort.

6. Level up your All Hero Holy Grail
Every time you spend fragments to increase the “stage” or gauge, the All Hero Holy Grail Bonus orb will increase by a certain amount. Once it reaches 100%, the grail will level up and increase the bonus stats that will be applied to all heroes in your roster. This is why you should use the fragments and increase the stars of all heroes in your roster, even those you don’t use.
Beginners Guide

7. Claim your passive reward
As an idle game, you’ll earn resources even when you’re offline or not actively playing the game. Make sure to tap the treasure chest in the middle of the Campaign screen. The amount of treasure collected will be displayed on the screen so it’s going to be easy to tell whether you have collected the resources already or not.

8. Collect your Quest Rewards
The game has Daily, Weekly, and Main Plot rewards. The first two are refreshed at a regular schedule as part of the game’s daily and weekly reset. The Main Plot rewards are one-time rewards that you can earn as you progress through the game. Aside from the rewards you’ll earn from the individual tasks, you can also collect Activity Points. You can collect bonus rewards for every 20 Activity Points you have collected, up to 100 points.

9. Team Composition Matters
Early in the game, you can get away with random placement of characters and just slapping the best ones you have. However, to tackle certain content or PvP, you have to consider several factors like recommended party members (for combos or synergy), faction weakness, unit type and class, and the formation bonuses. You can see this information when arranging your team’s formation so try to familiarize yourself with these important factors so you can adjust your team composition accordingly and effectively.

10. Use the Team Presets
Since you’ll need to manage several characters, it’s ideal to have several team compositions at your disposal. Thankfully, the game allows you to save up to five team formations, giving you easy access to deploy the team you want in a few taps. Try out various team formations to see which ones do you think are viable in certain stages. Just don’t forget to upgrade and properly equip the new heroes you’ll put in the team.

11. Set your Deployed Hero Effects
This feature allows you to manually set an effect that will be applied during battle, depending on the type of the deployed heroes on the field. For example, if you have two Strength-type heroes on the field - one Tank and one Fighter. You can choose whether you want to activate the Fighter or Tank’s effect, as listed below:
* Fighter: At the start of battle, ignore 30% enemy defense and gain 200 energy every 10 second)
* Tank: At the start of battle, gain 20% DMG Reduction, reduces 4% every 4 seconds

You can freely swap and activate these effects without any cost so try out the effects that you think will work perfectly with your team composition and synergy.
Beginners Guide

12. You don’t have to spend to enjoy
With the massive number of published mobile games with in-app purchases, it’s very important to know that you can enjoy this game without spending anything. The game’s key content is not locked behind paywalls and the in-app purchases are entirely optional. If you’re just looking for a casual idle-rpg experience, you’ll find that in this game. However, if you’re planning to seriously compete with other players in PvP, it’s an established fact that whoever spends and gets the best upgrades will have the edge.

That concludes our Beginners Guide in Yggdrasil the Origin. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Yggdrasil the Origin content!

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