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Faction Battle Bonuses

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Faction Battle Bonuses

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Yggdrasil the Origin is an Idle-RPG where you can collect heroes with various types and abilities and create ideal parties to tackle various challenges in the game. In our Faction Battle Bonuses guide, we will discuss the different faction-related battle bonuses you can activate to further improve your team’s combat efficiency.

Faction Battle Bonuses are different effects that get passively activated based on the number of characters belonging to the same faction that’s deployed on the field. The stat bonuses obtained from these effects remain active as long as you meet the requirements (deploying the required number of heroes from the same faction). These effects are also considered separately from the “Faction Advantage” wheel, where one faction can deal 15% more damage against another faction they’re strong against. (See the diagram below)
Faction Battle Bonuses

To view the active Faction Battle bonuses for your deployed team, tap the circle in the top-left corner of the Team Formation screen, as shown below.
Faction Battle Bonuses

About Immortal Visitors Heroes

This category consists of a special type of heroes that doesn’t have any faction weakness or damage bonus. All heroes under this faction have two hero types instead of the normal one type so they’ll be able to take advantage of the Hero Type Battle Bonuses instead (please refer to our dedicated page about this topic)
Faction Battle Bonuses

Same Faction Bonuses

These faction bonuses will only be applicable to the following factions: Scavengers, Dryad, The Empires, and the Forgotten. Celestials and Underworld factions have a different set of bonus effects (please see below).
Deploy 2 heroes of the same faction
ATK +5%, HP +5%
Deploy 3 heroes of the same faction
ATK +10%, HP +10%
Deploy 4 heroes of the same faction
ATK +15%, HP +15%
Deploy 5 heroes of the same faction
ATK +20%, HP +20%

Celestial and Underworld Battle Bonuses

These bonuses will activate
Deploy 1 or more
DEF +10%
Deploy 2 or more
DMG Mana Recovery +10%
Deploy 3 or more
Crit Chance +5%
Deploy 4 or more
Accuracy +10%
Deploy 5 or more
ATK Speed +10%

Since the Same Faction Bonuses are calculated separately from the Celestial and Underworld Faction bonuses, their effects can be stacked. For example, you can have these effects available:
Example Party 1
* Deploy 4 units of the same faction (ATK +15%, HP +15%)
* Deploy 2 Celestial/Underworld units (DEF +10%, DMG Mana Recovery +10%)

Example Party 2
* Deploy 2 units of the same faction (ATK +5%, HP +5%)
* Deploy 4 Celestial/Underworld units (DEF +10%, DMG Mana Recovery +10%, Crit Chance +5, Accuracy +10%)

That concludes our Battle Bonuses Guide in Yggdrasil the Origin. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Yggdrasil the Origin content!

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