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Word cookies is a very addictive word puzzle game suitable for all ages and should especially suit anyone who like reading and word games. It is very easy to use, the objective of the game is to find words within a mix of 5, 6 or 7 scrambled letters. You will need to find 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 letter words, depending on your pack and level.

The levels start with easy words with not so many letters with the difficulty and number of words increasing as you progress within the packs.

You earn points every time you complete a level and coins when you complete a pack or find special words. There are also extra levels which also allow you to earn more coins.

If you have trouble finding or guessing the words then you have the option to get letter hints to help. You need 25 coins to buy a letter.

The game itself is free to play and the only cost is the in game purchase of coins to buy hints if you find you need to use more than you are able to win. Adverts are a constant part of the game with bottom of the screen ads while playing and a full screen ad after every level. This can seem like a lot but they are easy to skip and so far have not caused a problem when playing.

It is a well designed game with easy to use controls. I did find that swiping between the letters can be a little hit and miss but only if you try to go too fast. The background music can get a little tedious after a while (as you may end up playing for a long time) but it's easy enough to play with the volume down.There are some background themes to choose from and certain events (eg Easter) have had themed challenges and appearances that ad to the variety.

If you love word games you should find that you get a good deal of fun from the game, every level has a range of words to find ranging from easy to sometimes frustratingly hard and in some cases words you may not have heard before and saving up some coins for those times when you can't find that last word is definitely advised. Just remember to remain calm when you discover that the word you couldn't find for the last hour turn out to be very obvious.

Overall this is one of the more popular word searching games and has proved a hit with various generations in my own family. The fact that rude words are not allowed in the game means that it's safe for all ages to play. If you dont mind dealing with adverts then its well worth a try.
4.5 / 5.0
review by testuser | May 30th 2017

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Review by NanaDec 3rd 2019
The game quit adding my points at $95.02. You are supposed to be able to cash out to PayPal at $100.00. I think this is a scam and needs to be reported to authorities. I didn't play all this time for nothing.I want my money!!!!!!
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Review by GuestNov 25th 2019
Great game I am addicted to it!

Very annoying when it keeps getting stuck in buffering and I don't get my free coins !!!
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Review by GuestNov 12th 2019
I enjoy this game a lot! So far, it has worked very well with no issues.
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Review by GuestNov 7th 2019

Senior Citizens should PLAY EVERYDAY

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Review by GuestOct 1st 2019
Good game but it appears the coins are worthless.
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Review by GuestJul 28th 2019
I have been playing this game for years and totally hooked,
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Review by GuestJul 14th 2019
I play on my iPad. The game keeps shutting off. anyone else having this problem?
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Review by GuestJun 19th 2019
The game is good. The inability to transfer coins that were paid for when there is a glitch attributable to Word Cookies or change of device (moving to new phone, for example) is unacceptable. It's not enough to apologize and offer solutions for when the developers get to it. They should be able to replenish lost coins immediately.
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Review by GuestJun 11th 2019
I like it if i could find a way to go to the next puzzle
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Review by GuestApr 23rd 2019
Finished the game, Legendary Chef.
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Review by GuestJan 12th 2019
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Review by GuestDec 23rd 2018
This is an awesome game! Although highly addictive! I've taken it off my phone twice...lol
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Review by GuestNov 25th 2018
I love it. It's good exercise for your brain and to improve my second language.
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Review by GuestNov 21st 2018
When it gets downright impossibe...and i want to move on..i go on google and ask for eg..7 letter words with the letter blah blah blah.
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Review by GuestOct 28th 2018
So far so good but don't know what to do when I get stumped. The hints will not open to allow me to open it.
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Review by GuestOct 18th 2018
My 85 year old mother attempts to play this a lot. The problem is that the game freezes up constantly. I took her ipad to the repair store and they said it could be her ipad. I purchased her a new ipad - the latest generation and it still does the same thing. What is going on with this app?
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Review by GuestOct 13th 2018
Love it when it is working properly. Lately the FREE COINS feature and the WATCH VIDEO +1 SPIN feature do not work so no ways to get extra coins for hints
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Review by GuestJul 30th 2018
I used to really love the game but this last update has changed some of the features. Don't like the new wheel at all! What are the tickets for anyway? Where did the weekly challenge go? How do I know what letters I need? Get rid of that 100 button ugh!
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Review by GuestJun 16th 2018
I really enjoy this game! I find it relaxing and enjoy challenging my brain!
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Review by GuestDec 25th 2017
I love this game... very fun and challenging.
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Review by GuestOct 17th 2017
I love it till now with it taking me all the way back to the beginning after going on so far??? Sent a question as to what is going on????
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Review by GuestOct 6th 2017
I agree with the other reviewer who said that pulsing Quest button is really annoying. I may have to quit playing the game just because of it. It is very disturbing. Feel like I'm going to get a migraine from it. Also the simple graphics all of a sudden changed, don't like as much.

Some of the words the game includes make no sense and some it excludes are very common, especially plurals. But overall, fun.

But seriously, the Quest button is going to lead me to finding a different word game. Had to change my review from a 4 to a 2 because of the Quest button.
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Review by GuestSep 27th 2017
The new version has terrible graphics and there is a pulsating quest button that drives you craaaazzzy. I used to love this game - not relaxing anymore.
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Review by GuestJul 10th 2017
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